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Review: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Tom Cruise is a bonafide movie star.  There’s literally no other way to describe the experience of watching him solidify and set it in stone after watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation!!!!

I knew my nerves were going to be wrecked for the next two hours when Cruise was literally hanging by his fingernails from the side of an airplane door in the first 10 minutes !!!  Mortified and excited all at the same time, my heart literally skipped a beat each time he performed a stunt, which hardly ANY star does in an action film.  Baby, Tom Cruise is letting us have it in what I feel is the best version of the Mission Impossible film series.


In MI: Rogue Nation, the CIA is trying to disband the IMF and plan to elimate Ethan Hunt for good.  Hunt upsets the plans of a former UK operative to take over the world and finds himself running against the clock to keep himself alive and his IMF buddies.

Hunt’s partner in crime is Ilsa Faurst (Miss Rebecca Ferguson -last seen in her Golden Globe nominated role of Queen Elizabeth in “The White Queen”).  I don’t know where this doll came from, but what I know for sure is that she’ll have NO shortage of screen offers after this performance.  Her presence is stunning, compelling, mysterious and vulnerable all at the same time, which is extremely difficult to accomplish. Ferguson does so with the ease of an old- onscreen pro and trust me that it’s worth the price of admission to watch her hold her own with Cruise on each and every stunt executed to perfection.


It wouldn’t be an MI film without all the usual cheesy jokes to distract us from the stress of watching all the amazing, dramatic stunts…but I , for one, were really glad they were there!!!

MI: Rogue Nation has grossed over 140MM worldwide since it’s July 31st release. I’m sure it will be well into the billions before it’s done criss-crossing the globe with international openings.

If you don’t see any other film this summer or this year, place Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at the top of your list.  It will blow your mind!!

Side Note:  Tom Cruise, if by some chance you happen to read this, I’m gonna need you NOT to do another stunt for the rest of your life…my heart simply can not take it…lol!!!


Just for kicks…I have attached trailer from all five films, just so you can see the  progression of the stunts over the decades…

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible III

Mission Impossible 2

Mission Impossible

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