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Force Majeure



I have a friend who meticulously plans vacations for her family every summer and holiday season.  Her family looks forward to the time together and from the pictures and cards sent they look like they always have just a great time!

In Force Majeure, Ebba and Tomas plan a vacation in the French Alps for a week.  Two days in, the family finds themselves staring down an avalanche while at lunch in a cafe.  Surviving this tragedy, the aftermath is wrought with emotional repercussions for the young couple and their children.

Ebba and their children begin to question the loyalty of Tomas after watching him run to save himself during the avalanche.  Tomas questions what kind of man he must be to not instinctually want to save his family first.

After Tomas continually denies that he didn’t run away, it all comes to a head while dining with friends.  Emma makes Tomas watch the footage on his cell phone of the incident making him come to terms with his actions.  Ironically enough, the couple would experience yet another challenge while skiing with the kids in less than stellar visibility that has surprisingly positive results.

Lisa Loven Kongsli as Ebba is magnificent as is her co star Johannes Kuhnke (Tomas).  You need question for a moment their love for each other and how torturous this whole ordeal is to the stability of their relationship.  On the flip side, providing much needed humor is Kristofer Hivju (Mats) and Fanni Metelius (Fanni) as the unmarried couple who have befriended Ebba and Tomas.

Force Majeure was very intense and had me holding my breath from one moment to the next.  It was an thrilling ride from beginning to end and I am hoping it fairs well this awards season having already been nominated for a Golden Globe, Critics Choice and Film Independent Spirit Aw.

Take a peak at Force Majeure

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