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Review: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F”


Speed Racer was one of my favorite shows as a kid and that was my introduction to Japanese Anime. Speed was the bomb and so was hi little co-pilot Chim Chim!!!


I still remember that theme song Go Speed Racer – Go!!! LOL!!!

So, imagine how excited I was about another edition of Dragon Ball Z! Especially one where Frieza could possibly get taken down!  Needless to say I was all in!!!

One year after “Battle of Gods” – original author Akira Toriyama brings back one the most iconic villains of all time – Frieza –  in the largest event style movie release in anime history.   In this all new story, the resurrected Frieza builds a new army and heads to Earth to take his revenge on Goku and the Saiyans. While a 1,000 soldier Frieza Force takes on their friends, Goku and Vegeta challenge Frieza to a showdown to the save the world – unaware that Frieza has trained to achieve an overwhelming new power level.

After a highly successful international run, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F opened in the domestic market limited to 894 select theaters and playing only one time a night — at 7 PM.  The movie’s per screen average of more than $2,198 landed it in first place yesterday among all movies.  In fact, this anime picture, on a budget of only $5M, could end up doing $18M to $19M in one week domestically.


This film rocked my world!!!  It was full of action, fantasy and the comedic moments came at all the right moments!!  The final fight scene was a little long for me, but entertaining nonetheless.

Bulmas was my favorite character, because she just breaks the wall of the Dragon Ball Z world and goes off into her own thing which is hysterical!!

Dragon Ball Z:  Resurrection F is in limited release now through August 12th.  Take a look below at the many reasons why you should check it out before it ends its theatrical run.



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