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Regina Hall Never Wavers to Support The Girls

#MeToo has put a spotlight/target on men who don’t value women as equals or human, but rather property that they can control at will.  Women are mad as hell and aren’t taking it anymore.  Workplace dynamics have been one sided for centuries, but the tide has turned and won’t ever be the same.

When you see a roadside dinner or a sports bar like Hooters, do you ever wonder how or why the girls got those jobs?  Who manages them and why they stay there?  Are they college girls trying to make a buck?  Are they girls with a prison record working on as second chance? Are they women that are so used to using their feminine wilds to work for them that they don’t recognize when it works against them?

Support the Girls centers around Lisa (Regina Hall), the optimistic ‘ride or die’ manager of the Double Whammies her ‘girls’ and Cubby.  When Lisa reaches her breaking  point after attempting to help Shaina leave her abusive boyfriend.  Shaina runs on her and Lisa begins to re-examine her life at Double Whammies, her marriage and these girls that she has considered to be her family.  Lisa’s optimism is hit from every direction and she begins to wonder if selling this big, weird American fantasy of girls with tight, cleavage laden halter tops to the proverbial “red-blooded American male” is worth the heartache.

Although the message of this film is sorely needed, the way it is executed is a little laborious and slow. Hayley Lu Richardson (Maci), Shayna McHale (Danyelle), Dylan Gelula (Jennelle), AJ Michalka (Krista) and Brooklyn Decker (Erin) all turn in admirable perfomances, but  Lea DeLaria (Bobo) and Regina Hall make it worth the ride.

Directed by Andew Bujalski and produced by Magnolia Pictures, Support the Girls hits theaters on August 31.

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