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Hong Chau Emerges as a Star in Downsizing

Hong Chau plays Ngoc Lan Tran and Christoph Waltz plays Dusan Mirkovic in Downsizing from Paramount Pictures.

In this economy, it is no surprise that most people would do anything to minimize their overheard debt.   Would you be willing to enter into an alternate universe to live comfortably and stress free?

Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) are in debt up to their eyeballs when they make the heart-wrenching decision to “go small”.  Basically, they agree to shrink themselves and live out their days in a community of shrunken humans while living like millionaires.

Audrey punks out at the last-minute and Paul is left to fend for himself  while adapting to this new lifestyle.

If Gulliver’s Travels and Total Recall had a baby it would be Downsizing.  As a major Alexander Payne fan, I can honestly say this wasn’t my favorite.  However, I am grateful that he introduces us to Hong Chau as the physically impaired Ngoc Lan Tran.  The film gets very interesting the minute she hits the screen, although there are some really comical moments with Oscar winner Christoph Waltz (Dusan Mirkovic) as the party animal neighbor who knows no boundaries.

Through Hong Chau’s character, we are reminded that matters of the heart don’t care about physical differences.  Sometimes, the mind is most intriguing when it comes to attraction of the opposite sex.

Downsizing is a dark comedy with a twist that makes you walk away contemplating life, how we live it and why.  Produced by Paramount Pictures, Downsizing opens in theaters nationwide TODAY!

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