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Justin Bieber is a huge recording superstar thanks in part to LA Reid and Usher.  However, it was his YouTube video that initially caught their attention and signed him to a record deal making him one of the most popular tweens of the 21st Century.

As a matter of fact, millions of videos wind up on YouTube and go viral overnight with no formula, rhyme or reason other than the fact that for some reason it has resonated with its online audience.

Add Princess Shaw  aka Samantha Montgomery to that list.  As a nurse and aspiring artist, Shaw records post after post of originals not having a clue that 7,000 miles on the other side of the world another artist – Kutiman is listening.  Kutiman adds a whole orchestra behind Shaw’s original, “Give It Up”making her a viral sensation overnight.


Watching Shaw go from singing to a near empty room to sold out venues around the world is astounding.  We also learn that NO ONE is an overnight success.  Most of us struggle for years before catching a break, however, it has become a little easier with the invention of the internet and social media.

Shaw endures having the tires ripped from her ride, having no electricity, walking to work and even taking a trip to infiltrate Atlanta’s music scene for her artistry.  Clearly it has paid off.  Kutiman and Shaw are collaborating on her debut release as I type.


This fiery diva took some time out of her busy day to chat with a sista’ about her celebrity and internet success.  Take a look…





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