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ok…so I’ve been a little quite this season regarding my predictions, as this season proved to be extremely unpredictable even for me.

So, let’s talk about the the Best Picture…


SPOTLIGHT – This film had my jaw dropped for most of the film.  I predicted that we would be talking about it come Oscar nom time and here we are discussing it!  Dealing with an intense real story centered around a major priest scandal in Boston, it’s safe to say that All The Presdent’s Men has been dethroned as the best true story investigative screen adaptation.  Not only that, but the ensemble is off the chain and includes one of Broadway Babies – Brian d’arcy James.  It’s been kicking butt most the awards season, but The Revenant has picked up steam and may give it a run for it’s money.  To see what I had to see about SPOTLIGHT early on click on the link below



ROOM  – It takes major talent to be able to command a screen by yourself, let alone with a child.  Both Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are so compelling you never want to take your eyes off the screen.  The subject of child abduction has always dominated the small and big screen, but never a film where it tackles what happens when the limelight around the situation dies down.  It should win for best picture just based on content and character.

Carla Renata’s ROOM Review


THE REVENANT – This film which is turning out to be good luck for both its director and star cold very well sweep this year, including Best Picture.  In the words of the late Fats Waller – One never knows do one?



The housing crisis here in America was and IS real.  i should know. I was one of the people it profoundly affected.  But, to watch that all that happened due to a handful of greedy Wall Street punks was infuriating.  The Big Short somehow made it comical, while still doling out the facts.  Click on my review below.

Carla Renata’s Review on THE BIG SHORT





THE MARTIAN – I think I am one of the few people that actually liked this film.  I could barely tell what was CG and what wasn’t.  I guess a lot of folks were “spaced” out with films taking place in space the last few years, but I enjoyed it.  I won’t win Best Picture, but is definitely one to put on your watch list.  Grossing 600 million worldwide, I’d say it’s worth a look.

Carla Renata’s THE MARTIAN Review



I have a love affair with New York.  Never spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, but loved this movie for the fact that it was an Irish coming of age love story.  It was darling and is totally a chick flick.

Carla Renata’s BROOKLYN Review


MAD MAX- FURY ROAD – Being the only real action entry other than The Martian, it’s most likely a safe bet that this film will run away with a lot of the technical awards giving the latest Star Wars reboot a run for its money.





CATE BLANCHETT -I think Miss Cate may surprise people with an upset win in this category despite the fact that Brie Larson has been sweeping this awards season.  Her work in the in this film is spectacular and she is an Oscar favorite.  We’ll see…

JENNIFER LAWRENCE – Who doesn’t love Jennifer and the authenticity she brings to every  role she tackles.  Although she was great and I adore her, it may not be enough to walk away with gold this time

CHARLOTTE RAMPLING – If you loved the Showtime drams “Dexter” like I did, you will remember Charlotte as Doctor Vogel.  In 45 years, she has garnered her first crack at Oscar and being the seasoned vet of the category might work to her advantage.

SAOIRSE RONAN – With her first Oscar nod at the age of 12, it’s nice to see that Miss Ronan has grown into quite a fine adult actress and her performance in  Brooklyn is spirited and understated.  It’s the type of performance Oscar voters love

BRIE LARSON – Brie has been the darling of this awards season taking home every award she’s been nominated for and deserved so.  The film focuses Larson and  her kid…you never lost interest.  Cate is right on her heels though…a diva better watch her back…


BRYAN CRANSTON – Playing Dalton Trumbo may earn Cranston an Oscar just like Breaking Bad did for his television career.

EDDIE REDMAYNE – As the first transgender to undergo equipment change, Eddie may just see back-to-back Oscars.

MATT DAMON – Having received his first Oscar for Best Screenplay any moons ago…lol.  The Martian proves that Damon has been a force to be reckoned with since he and buddy Ben Affleck burst into Hollywood from Boston.  If he wins, it could be a great surprise.

MICHAEL FASSBENDER – As Steve Jobs, he couldn’t be further  from that horrid plantation overseer we first met in 12 Years a Slave.  For transformation alone I feel like he should take home the gold, but it’s looking like it may be Leo’s year.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO – Oscar has eluded Leo since his Gilbert Grape days with Johnny Depp.  Not to mention the fact that he has swept this category all awards season.  If he wins, it will definitely be a long time coming





MARK RUFFALO – Mark Ruffalo has more films under his belt than anyone in this category and yet he’s that really great actor who no one really knew.  They will know him

SYLVESTER STALLONE – Two Words – Rocky Balboa!!!  Enough said.  He’s been sweeping this category and if he wins it will be the second time he’s won for playing Rocky Balboa.

TOM HARDY – Hardy had a great year.  My boy had three films out this year Legend, The Revenant and Mad Max.  I think it’s safe to say that he might be the one to completely turn this category on its ear.

MARK RYLANCE – Very well respected on Broadway, Rylance was rumored to be the frontrunner for this category, however, it was kinda  wrap when Creed cam onto the scene and The Revenant was released.  This Oscars is very unpredictable and it could truly go to any of these very gifted, well-rounded actors



JENNIFER JASON LEIGH – Baby , this chick is just really scary in every role she inhabits which is a total testimony to her brilliance.  After the hundreds of films she’s been in this is her first Oscar nod.  Will she take home Oscar Sunday night?

ROONEY MARA – Rooney was the perfect compliment to Cate Blanchett in “Carol”, which is far cry from “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.  She’s classic and classy.

RACHEL MCADAMS – I don’t know about you, but every time I see Rachel I think bout her in “The Notebook”.  She has grown leaps and bounds since then.  Spotlight is destined to do well Oscar Sunday.  Will Rachel be one of their victories?

ALICIA VANKANDER – This chick broke my heart in The Danish Girl and although he feel like she should win, it’s beat a boxing match between her and Kate Winslett all season long.

KATE WINSLETT – Like Brie Larson, Kate Winslett has been sweeping this category at every awards show.  Part of me want to see her and Leo finally get that gold, but who knows what fate lies ahead for them?




Without going into a lot of detail about the other nominees, let’s just cut to the chase and say that Alejandro Inaartu  for THE REVENANT has this one hands down.  He has been sweeping the season and  it will be a huge surprise if his name is NOT called.

2016-oscars-original-song.jpgAdele took it home for a Bond pix last year.  Will the Brits take it again through Grammy winner Sam Smith for Writing’s On The Wall?  Watch the Oscars on ABC-TV THIS Sunday to find out the who wins, what they’re wearing and what Chris Rock will say or do…

As for me, I will be backstage at the Dolby Theatre reporting to  you by the minute what is happening, so check back here for the latest updates LIVE from your personal Curvy Critic…ME:)



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