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Nostalgia and Being Excellent Can’t Save Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music

I’m sure there are some folks that are like what the hell is the big deal about Bill and Ted and why do we care that there is a Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music. Let me break it down for you.  Bill and Ted was a 90’s hit machine staple. It was and is a franchise that shatters the stereotype of stoners and/or musicians by displaying two dudes who are actually quite intelligent with an extensive vocabulary.  There is nothing worse than having an assumption made about your character based on your looks, dress or demeanor.

So, now we revisit the franchise 29 years later with the original dudes Keanu Reeves (Ted) and Alex Winter (Bill) complete with Princess wives, daughters and a mission to save the world.  Did we need a third reboot?  Nope.  But, what we do need is a little chortle every now and then.  Let’s face it.  Being in the middle of a pandemic with an election around the corner has people on edge, so any excuse to giggle is a welcomed distraction.  The project reunites the pair with the original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon who have the Wild Stallions breaking and entering rock legends homes, revisiting themselves in various incarnations throughout time, mixing with legends Jimi Hendrix and Louis Armstrong, all while on a quest to find new music that will unite the world by 7:17pm.

It’s a lot…right??  That’s only the tip fo the iceberg when even more corniness is introduced like couples therapy, killer robots and even a nostalgic nod hologram of Rufus.  I did love Holland Taylor being cast in a not so serious role, which is so out of character for her that it was refreshingly fun.  I must admit though, it was kinda fun to see a phone booth, which is completely obsolete in a world solely reliant upon mobile technology.

At the end of the day, sans air guitars and time traveling, Bill and Ted 3:  Face The Music doesn’t enhance the  “stuck in the 90’s’ franchise (although that is part of its charm), it is some corny and nostalgic fun to take the edge off for a few hours reminding it’s audience to take a moment just  ‘be excellent’ to each other.  Produced by Orion Pictures, the film is available in theaters and via streaming services now.

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