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Netflix, Blackhouse and Norman Lear – Sundance Day 2

Ok…so for two days in a row I was lauded for asking “great questions” after a few film Q & A’s.  At first, I was all excited, but when I had some time to think about it I thought what was the big deal.  Was it because I was a black woman at Sundance NOT asking a question about #OscarsSoWhite?  That subject will take care of itself, why not ask something that is NOT obvious.

So, because of that experience,  I decided to use my blog reporting on those docs, narratives and events/panels that most people will NOT see or attend or will  most often  float under the radar.

I started out my Sundance experience listening to a panel hosted by an organization called The Blackhouse Foundation, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary at the Sundance Film Festival.  Ironically, Blackhouse Founder – Brickson Diamond stated the foundation and its activities were born out of the lack of panels that specifically addressed “us”.  The Balackhouse seems more timely than ever this year.

At a one-on-one interview with Netflix Founder/CEO Ted Sarandos, he spoke about how Netlix is dealing into the future of making feature films and releasing them in tandem with movie theaters to make them more accessible to the masses.  You see my generation will most likely go to a theater to see a film, however, the millennial a stream via outlets like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube to watch movies for the simple convenience of viewing on a mobile device from any location va wifi.  Checkout my interview with Brickson Diamond by clicking on the link below.

The Blackhouse and YouTube
Right before speaking with Brickson and hanging for a sec with Ted Sarandos, I watched my first doc for Sundance 2016 – Norman Lear – Just Another Version of You.   This doc was wonderful trip down memory lane with a man who has produced and written a record number 16 sitcoms for network television.   Here’s my review…

Norman Lear – Just Another Version of You
Stay Tuned for Day 3 – I partied, paneled and screened some more…

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