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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl



Everybody who has a Mom has been nagged by her about many things.  Those things can range from taking out the trash or changing your outfit right as your hand in on the doorknob to leave or taking your little brother to the mall with you.

For Greg, who spends most of his spare time making parodies of classic films with his “co-worker” Earl, his nagging came in the form of spending time with a girl in the neighborhood who had been diagnosed with cancer.

The unlikely pairing would prove to be life changing for all parties involved.  Greg learns how to be a real, trusted friend, Earl realizes that he is taken for granted by his “best-friend” and “co-worker” and Rachel finds the bravery to die with dignity and on her own terms.

One wouldn’t expect tons of laughter, but laughing is exactly what I did thanks to the comic genius of Molly Shannon (Denise), Nick Offerman (Greg’s Dad),  RJ Cyler (Earl) and Thomas Mann (Greg).  Mann shows just how awkward and challenging it can be for teens these days to make friends, let alone keep them.  His knack for effectively swirling comedy with drama is the main ingredient that makes this film work on every level.



Olivia Cooke as Rachel gives you a full-on look into the psyche of a young woman who will never go to prom, college, get married or any of the other things one looks forward to when growing up and out of your parents home.  She’s simply brilliant and coupled with Mann and Cyler they bring a lot of humanity to all three of their characters that is heartwarming and heart wrenching all at once.


Connie Britton took time off from her hit show “Nashville”, hung up her high heels and makeup to give Greg’s Mom the earthy, empathetic look and feel needed for this fantabulous flick.  Me, Earl and the Dying Girl won the Grand Jury and Audience Award (Dramatic) at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival…deservedly so.

Directed to perfection by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and brilliantly adapted by novelist Jesse Andrews, “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl “will leave you hopeful that not every teenager lives on the internet and their cell phones.  They may not play outside anymore or hang out at the mall, but true friendships are still being formed, nurtured and creating lasting memories for a lifetime to come.  “Me, Earl and Dying Girl” can be found streaming live on Direct TV.

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