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Love and Hope From Man’s Best Friend Permeate The Call of The Wild

Based on the novel by Jack London, The Call of the Wild, centers around the journey of Buck and becoming the lead sled dog struggling for survival in the heart of the Yukon.  Although Buck is completely computer generated, that doesn’t diminish that heart wrenching feeling of him being man’s best friend faced with the dilemma of being drawn to his natural habitat in the wild with those that look and act like him.

Seeing a French interracial couple (Omar Sy and Cara Gee) at the forefront, along with a little weathered looking Harrison Ford (John Thornton) was refreshing and provided me with much joy. Ford is one of those movie stars I literally would go see in any type of film, so it suffices to say that I was even down for the scruffy movie star hiking through the wild with dogs. Not only that, but he’s kinda upstaged  an adorable computer generated guy named Buck.  Having just lost my best furry friend, this film had be bawling like a baby.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Although there has been much discussion over the choice to use a computer generated dog over a real dog, it didn’t bother me as I was more invested in the story being told than shredding computer technology to pieces.  And let’s keep it real, Chris Sanders and Janusz Kaminski did a wonderful job with all of it.  Michael Green’s adaptation lends itself to the strengths of it actors providing us with equal doses of humor and drama.

And at the end of the day, Disney and 20th Century Studios have provided a family friendly film that can and will be enjoyed for generations to come on the big screen and through various streaming services later on down the line.  The Call of Wild is story about love and hope from man’s best friend point of view in the most rugged circumstances imaginable and will leave you it a puddle of tears…I promise.  Get you tissue ready while grabbing the entire family this weekend when it hits a screen near you.

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