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Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2015 – Kimi Kabuki


One of my favorite film festivals in Los Angeles to attend is the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.  Why? Their films are always very provocative, thought provoking and emotionally heart-wrenching.

2015 has been no different.

Yet, I have to admit this film was not on my radar until I received an email from its Writer/Director Yoko Okumura.  Upon first glance, I thought it was a straight up porn flick and  swiftly realized it was a film about a housewife who mistakenly discovers her husband has been watching porn.  Specifically, porn star Kimi Kabuki, who just happens to be in town with the Adult Industry Expo.


When the housewife discovers that her husband has lied to her about going to work, she takes a little field trip to the expo hoping to spy on her husband.  Until Kimi’s booth re-opens, she finds herself shopping and having a great time.  However, when finally spots hubby smiling and taking a selfie with Kimi…homegirl loses her mind.

What I didn’t see coming is that the housewife pulls out a can of whoop ass on Kimi,  which results in a brief, unlikely bonding between the two ladies.

I don’t know about you, but often times while wondering what entices one to get hooked into the world of porn… I never consider the fact that in a society that strives for perfection – porn just shows another lense of beauty.  Through Kimi Kabuki, my eyes were opened and the stigma was removed.  Thanks Miss Yoko…

Kimi Kabuki, a film I thought was going to be crazy turned out to be one of the most heartwarming, informative films I had seen in a minute.  It’s no surprise that Miss Yoko has received the prestigious 2014 DGA Student Film Award in the Asian American category for Kimi Kabuki, been accepted into the WIF (Women in Film) 2015 Mentorship Circle and the Visual Communication Armed with a Camera Fellowship 2015.

Yoko Okumura is definitely one to watch and I am proud to have been a witness on the ground level of the spectacular film career that lies ahead for her.

For more info on Yoko and Kimi Kabuki, please log onto or

Kimi Kabuki Trailer

Courtesy of Yoko…Here’s a little game…




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I know…it is sooooo NOT sexy:)

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