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Ashton Kutcher is Apple CEO in JOBS

Electronics have evolved at an alarming rate over the last 10 years and I attribute most of this to the genius of deceased Apple innovator Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs died in 2011 of pancreatic cancer and will also be profiled in an untitled Sony film by Aaron Sorkin. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who’s played by Josh Gad in Jobs, has been hired as an adviser on the upcoming Sorkin film.  Jobs and Wozniak truly revolutionized the way the world communicates…period.  Their gadgets the iPhone, iPad Macbook computers, etc…have made it single-handedly possible to communicate anytime, anywhere, anyhow…THANK YOU!  However, all that instant accessibility can easily be a blessing or a curse depending on what your chosen career is…LOL

JOBS takes us on the journey of how Steve Jobs along with 5 or 6 of his college friends took Apple from a startup idea in a garage to a global brand.  However, these types of tasks are never easy.  They are not easy on the friendships, business alliances or family members whose lives are all torn apart at the cost of a dollar.

Being a self-proclaimed “techno-geek”, I found myself a little weepy at the end of the movie when I realized that the very thing Jobs invented was in my purse and like many I am very rarely NOT seen using it.  Which is why as much enthusiasm and fascination I have with the origin of Apple and Steve Jobs, I couldn’t get past the mediocrity of this film.

Ashton Kutcher is often very underestimated as an actor.  Just like some other bright, handsome young men in Hollywood, (Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Matt Damon), he is not taken very seriously.  I am here to tell you that he is the real deal.  It was apparent that he really did his homework in order to capture the essence of who Steve Jobs was at his core (all the way down to the way he walked into a room).  As convincing as Kutcher was, the person who steals the film and who I am confident will receive recognition from the industry for his work is Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak.  Gad’s performance is so layered and touching that you fall in love with him instantly and root for him even though you know what the outcome will be.

If you love technology and Apple, you will be fascinated by this film.  Otherwise…I say wait for the DVD.

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