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KIN is High Adrenaline Sci-Fi Action Fantasy

Based on the short film “Bag Man” by newbie directors Josh and Jonathan Baker, KIN is a high adrenaline sci-fi action fantasy focused around two brothers on the run of their lives…literally.

Recently released ex-con Jimmy (Jack Reynor) finds himself in a bit of a mess.  As he and his adoptive brother Eli (Myles Truitt) attempt to flee from the police and some rather unsavory, unforgiving criminals led by James Franco, the two find themselves involved with a coming of age adventure of epic proportions all over the contents of one bag.

Jack Reynor is as charming as they come, with a likability similar to others in his lane like Chris Pratt (from Marvels “Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise). Myles Truitt is likable and has the emotional range necessary for a role of such complexity for a young actor.  Zoe Kravitz simply has “it.”  She has the ability to make you interested in whatever she is doing on screen due her commitment and command of her character on screen. And, James Franco plays crazy better than anyone…even Joaquin Phoenix.

What’s fascinating about this film is that it poses the question of what would you do if you found a “weapon of mass destruction?”  Would you turn it over to the police or would your curiosity get the better of you?  Would you protect the only family you have ever known or would you bounce like a rubber ball the minute trouble comes knocking at your door?

Of course, it never hurts to see a little Michael B. Jordan with an on-screen cameo, especially when he is one of the producers responsible for the flick.

I liked KIN.  It was a little laborious in some spots action and dialogue wise, but I give big applause to anyone brave enough to tackle this type of film their first time out.  Kudos Baker Brothers. Produced by 21 Laps Entertainment and Lionsgate, KIN rolls into a theatre near you on August 31st.



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