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Dwayne Johnson Disabled Hero in Skyscraper

Dwayne Johnson has become the go-to man in Hollywood for action-adventure, thrill-a-minute flicks and he delivers once again in Skyscraper.

Skyscraper stressed me the hell out with all the death-defying stunts.  I truly needed a cocktail after this one…lol.  Mad props and kudos go out to the Cinematographer Robert Elswit, Editors Julian Clarke and Michael L. Sale and Director Rawson Marshall Thurber.  Their joint contributions to this film made it an enjoyable evening at the movies.

The incorporation of facial recognition techniques from a tablet, other technological advances and yet another Asian badass villain in the form of Hannah Quinlivan were awesome.  Baby, when Hannah (Xia) walks away with confidence while the boys do the heavy lifting, I was living my best life…lol

This is what I loved about this movie.  Even though Johnson’s character is clearly a disabled, retired vet there is no sympathy given regarding the obvious and he is treated like a normal human being (which should always be the case in society).

I love that his family is bi-racial and there is not mention of it.  As it should be. The Mom, played perfectly by Neve Campbell (Sarah Sawyer) is a badass and does not wait for her husband to save the day, but is grateful when he provides a little assistance.

As much as I enjoyed Skyscraper, it did feel extremely reminiscent of another highly popular film in that genre – Die Hard.  For me, the only difference between Die Hard and Skyscraper is just that a skyscraper on fire.

Having said that, Skyscraper is worth seeing and will leave you breathless.

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