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Disco Lives on in the Millineum Through Studio 54

One can’t think about disco and the 70’s without reminiscing about the decadence and glamour of New York City’s hottest nightclub – Studio 54.

Back in the day, Studio 54 used to be an opera house and the east coast home for CBS – TV. Nowadays, it serves as a home for many Broadway shows.

When Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell got ownership of the building they spent a record $700,000 to renovate.  The club was know for its out-of-this-world celebrity clientele, sex orgies and having lines more than a block long for entry to the most exclusive, popular party in the city.  They literally started that whole thing of who gets into the club based on how hot or how not hot a clubber looked

Alas, all good things come to an end when the establishment was shut down in September 1978 for lack of a liquor license.  Not to mention the jail sentencing of Ian and Steve for embezzlement of 2.5 million dollars from their own club.  Jail or bad luck wouldn’t stop the duo as they went on to later open The Palladium.  However, it’s success was just as short-lived as the disco craze.

For two buddies who had a dream to own the hottest club in the world, the rollercoaster ride hit the brakes when Steve Rubell died from AIDS.  Ian Schrager is still in business, but instead of dance clubs he owns hotels.

Studio 54 was a warm, fun look back to a time where people were carefree, crazy, wild and hungry to be a part of the hottest, hippest  party in the world – Studio 54.

Having received a rousing welcome at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Studio 54 will finally hit theaters on June 15.  Hop across that red rope of exclusivity and grab your tickets now.

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