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Will Smith Goes Back to The Future with Gemini Man

What if cloning could alleviate emotions like grief? Meaning, if we could clone humans, we would never have to experience the loss of a loved one or the pain and anguish that accompanies that event.  Ang Lee’s latest, Gemini Man is a true theatrical extravaganza in 3D 120 FPS complete with intensely, combative action sequences, a thin plot and Will Smith going head to head with Clive Owen in this unusually, creative thriller.  If the Terminator was Black with a sprinkle of Mission Impossible action topped off with the Fresh Prince meeting himself 50 years later – you get Gemini Man.

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is like the Cadillac of assassins, who suddenly finds himself in the position of big the target with a young operative who is able to predict Henry’s every move.  Why? Brogan is literally fighting against the 23 year-old version of himself, which makes for some very compelling action sequences giving Fast & Furious a run for their money.

Let’s face it.  Will Smith is a movie star of epic proportions.  Smith continues to push his limits by acting against himself…which is no easy feat.  The emotional range he conveys and Henry Brogan is a testament to his growth as an actor. Clive Owen is delicious as Clay Verris and Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a nice job with the little bit of screen time she is given.  Her action sequences are awesome!!

David Benioff, Billy Ray and Darren Lemke’s screenplay contains familiar elements from the blockbuster franchise Mission Impossible and The Fugitive.  But, it is the direction of Ang Lee and the technical prowess of Visual Effects Supervisors Bill Westenhofer and Guy Williams that make this film leap right off the screen.

And then there’s the issue of cloning.  Remember we are witnessing Will Smith at 23 and at 50 as a result of cloning and some extreme.  At the recent Global Press Conference on the YouTube campus, being totally fascinated about the concept of cloning, I questioned the panel about their thoughts on if this scientific breakthrough became a reality for human beings.  Having stumped them with the question, Will Smith stepped up and gave me this answer, “…there’s an interesting phrase I heard the other day…poisoned honey.  We reach for poison honey a lot in order to overcome out pain and suffering…when I think about cloning and we talked about it a lot…I’ sure there are things that have happened in cloning that we don’t know about yet, but we’re gonna find out.”  He continued, “Cloning will ultimately pan out to be poisoned honey.  It will be a reach that will potentially come back and bite humanity in a way that we are not considering fully.”

Poisoned honey is the perfect way to describe Gemini Man.  It’s so sweet to go back down memory lane witnessing a younger Will Smith that so many of us identify with as the lovable Fresh Prince.  And yet, those memories are meshed with the reality that when one grows older, the chances you are willing to take in life become far, few and in between.  Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures, take a chance and screen Gemini Man in theaters now.

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