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Back in the day, a little film called “Fatal Attraction” had the male population petrified of having an affair.  Really, would you want your psychotic side piece snatching your kid, cold calling your wife or come home to find the family pet boiling on the stove?

Buckle your seat belts baby!  Warner Brothers Pictures has a new tale ready for the millineals called Unforgettable starring Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels), Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy).  However, this time around its first wife vs future wife and it s a fight to the finish culminating in an ending you never see coming.

Katherine Heigl IS Tessa.  She’s a beautiful, poised, sophisticated, crazy as hell woman scorned and will get her way by any means necessary.  The icy exterior facade covers the hurt and disappointment of her failed marriage and her failure to control her life.  Heigl nails it to perfection.


To compliment the crazy is our favorite “angel on earth” – Cheryl Ladd as Tessa’s Mom (Helen aka Lovie).  It’s apparent that Luvvie is not wrapped too tight either, but really does want her daughter to have a better life than hers.  Without Luvvie, we don’t fully understand the scope of why and how Tessa has become so tightly wound.  Ladd added another dimension to Tessa’s character by creating a nightmare version of an ultra-demeaning mother, who imprinted in her the notion that your greatest value is in your beauty and having a great husband.


Rosario Dawson (Julia) has an inherent goodness about her and a huge heart that makes you fall in love with Julia.  She’s funny, sexy, spontaneous and doesn’t care about being a little messy, which is breath of fresh air for David after being married to Tessa.  So, when she finally breaks into I’ve had enough of this BS mode you find yourself cheering for her to succeed.


I mean who hasn’t seen their ex walk off into the sunset with someone else and felt some kinda way about it?  Especially when they have been  married to you or dated you for years and immediately seem to have to fairytale with someone else.  It’s frustrating, annoying and almost always leaves the woman left in the dust second guessing herself.

Of course, I was thrilled that Unforgettable is a film with female leads, a female director and massive women behind the scenes!  Kudos to Director Denise Di Novi for bringing “girl power” front and center to a major Hollywood studio!  Here’s hoping there is even more on the horizon.

Grab a cocktail, your favorite squad and fill a theatre near you to check out Unforgettable opening nationwide on April 21st.




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