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More than a few years ago, I Guest-Starred on a little show called Love, Inc. starring Holly Robinson-Peete and produced by Chris Rock.  His oldest daughter was a little nugget at the time and Rock brought her on set with him for the Producers run-through.  She was adorable and for some reason smitten with me.  So we hung out for a minute and then Daddy Rock scooped her up to move forward to their next travel adventure for the day.

My Mom, knowing than I’m a huge fan of Chris Rock going back to New Jack City and Boomerang days treated me to a screening during the holiday season.

Ever meet someone who seemed perfect, but the timing was a little off?  Ever wonder what got your career and life so off-track that you no longer recognize neither one?  Ever been a comedian who tried his best to make it as a serious actor…only to not be taken seriously at all?

Chris Rock did and tied it all together in a crude, comical, carousel ride called Top Five. There were moments I laughed so hard that I felt like I had been doing crunches!!!  My favorite moment hands down was when rapper DMX is crooning Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” in that gruff, non-melodic tone of his that was very reminiscent of the 90’s hit song by Biz Markie “Just A Friend”…pure comedy!!!

Writer, Director and Star of Top Five, Rock pulled out those old SNL skills and gave some of the comedy world’s best and brightest a chance to shine along him in this vehicle, which is so refreshingly blunt and timely.

Rock stars as comedic superstar Andre Allen, who is attempting to shake his image as Hammy the Bear by starring in a serious slave drama.  Audiences and critics love Hammy, except one New York Times reporter …Chelsea Brown.  Chelsea tags along with Allen for  “a day in the life” feature and discovers that they have more in common than not.  She also finds herself smitten by a man whose life is living him, has a “reality star” fiance’ who cares more about her image and becomes invested in helping him rediscover his true self.

There is also a bit of a Cinderella element woven throughout that provides Top Five with a lot of its charm.  Again, another charming element was the fact that such comedic talent supported Rock like J.B. Smoov, Sherri Shephard, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Cedric The Entertainer, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, Leslie Jones and Broadway Star Ben Vereen.

Chris Rock is a comedic genius and his films are always right on time with a very prolific message.  What’s that?  You wanna know what the message is?  In the meantime, what are YOUR Top Five rappers of all time and find a screening of Top Five near you!  Top Five opened in theaters on December 12th.


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