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Time Travel, Psychological Thriller Don’t Let Go Delivers on All Cylinders

Everyone has that favorite Uncle. You know the one that keeps all secrets and has your back when you least expect it.  For me, it was my Uncle Buzzy.  He was handsome, smart and loved me enough to assist in my dreams coming true just when things began to look dire and impossible from my point of view.

Jack (David Oyelowo) and Ashley (Storm Reid) are like me and my Uncle Buzzy.  They speak numerous times a day, make each other laugh and have each other’s back…no matter what.  Jack is a good cop and he world get tuned upside down when his beloved niece, his brother (Brian Tyree Henry) and sister-in-law are murdered.   Jack takes some much needed time to grieve when random phone calls from Ashley’s cell phone begin.  Is his grief making him lose his mind or not?  Turns out he’s not crazy by a long shot.

I’m a sucker for a good thriller, so when I tell you that this film had me on the edge of my seat, I do not exaggerate.  Just when I thought it was going to be yet another mediocre murder flick, I was surprised when it turned out to be infused with a sci-fi twist and ending I would’ve never seen coming. Not to mention the cast with predominantly people of color (that would include Oscar nominee Alfred Molina) was fantastic for this genre.

David Oyelowo is phenomenal. This is an actor who can take just about any role he inhabits and make you believe.  There are many actors that carve out a niche for themselves playing the same role in different situations on screen.  Oyelowo would not be that actor, as I have yet to seen him repeat a character in a film.  Storm Reid made a believer out of me in ‘Wrinkle In Time’ and is slaying once again. This young lady is able to hold her own with some Hollywood Heavyweights without flinching. She and David are the main reasons this film really worked for me.

Another reason it worked is due to Jacob Estesscreenplay (written alongside Drew Daywalt) and direction.  The unexpected twists and turns that this film takes made my heart skip a beat a few times.  I was invested 100%.

First Fast Colors now this!  I would love to see this developed into a series for television. Kinda like Quantum Leap featuring people of color.  Can you see it?  I sure can!  Don’t Let Go proves that family truly comes first and has the perfect pairing with Storm Reid and David Oyelowo. Produced by Blumhouse Productions, it can be seen nationwide August 30th.

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  • Shojo Bakunyu

    So you can’t separate the quality of the film as a whole from the skin color of the actors? That’s incredibly racist.

    • Carla Renata

      I’m not racist. Sorry moly pointing out the fact that I’m elated that the film has a cast mostly made if people of color for this genre which doesn’t often happen. You clearly misunderstood the point I was making😙

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