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The Bounce Back

I have been engaged more than my share in this lifetime.  Needless to say, if ANY of those relationships had worked out I wouldn’t be writing this.  At the end of the day, we either “bounce back” from the hurt, pain and despair left from a failed relationship or we bounce with a pep in our step toward the future.

Matthew Taylor  (Shemar Moore) is the “Steve Harvey” of self-help guru’s. and is in the middle of a huge book tour promoting his bestseller, “The Bounce Back”. Taylor has no formal therapist training, but a lot of “common sense” advice that women all over the world are clamoring to hear.  Not to mention that he’s the perfect “eye candy”.


Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velzquez) is a therapist whose opposition to Matthew’s techniques coupled with her disdain for “self-help” “non-educated” “therapist” types makes for an interesting pairing when these two finally meet and decide to join forces.  Opposites attracting is the least of their problems, but makes for a fun-filled ride through an unconventional love story when both parties have unfulfilled relationship issues bubbling right underneath the surface.

Shemar Moore usually always plays the cool, handsome leading man with a banging body.  In The Bounce Back, he’s the cool, handsome Dad uncomfortable watching his little girl handle her new-found attraction to boys.  This made for some heartwarming, yet hilarious scenes between Moore and his on-screen daughter Aleya (Nadja Alaya)screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-5-20-41-pm-e1478208186589


In this age of #oscarsowhite, it was refreshing to see that Moore, literally put his money and Indiegogo supporters money where their mouths are.  In addition, they kept jobs in Los Angeles shooting at CBS Radford, The Churchill and many other popular hot spots.  Bravo!!!


Dir./Prod./Screenwriter Youssef Delara really captures the self-help talk show scene, while showing African-American characters with depth, humor and class.  What is the most impressive about this flick is that it tackles how a blended family can work and how a couple can handle introducing kids to their significant other stress free.

Bill Bellamy, as Taylor’s Manager and comedic sidekick, always shows up right on time with a quick quip and annoying presence that only a talent rep can have exude. Kristin’s girlfriend’s  Jessica Williams (Kali Hawk) and  Sarah (Megan Stevenson) are hilarious as those girlfriends that try to help, but kinda makes things worse all in the name of friendship.


The Bounce Back is proof that a different type love can be found when you release your stuff, open your heart and mind to possibilities that don’t always fit the mold.  That type of love will surprise you and make you discover and embrace the best of you for yourself and your mate.. Released by 20th Century Fox, The Bounce Back will roll into theaters on Friday, December 9th.

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