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Let me warn you that this particular review is of a very sensitive nature and may offend or piss some of you off.  For that, I apologize ahead of time:(

As a young Catholic girl, we are taught that the priest is the closest thing that we can get to speaking with God.  It is the priest who baptizes us, confirm us into Catholicism and listens to confessions of our sins.  We are taught that if we say a few Hail Mary’s that God will absolve us of our sins.

But, who do the priests go to and how are their sins absolved?  Do they have a main line to the almighty father himself or do priests confide in each other and assist in covering up their sins.

In 2002, The Boston Globe blew the whistle on the Massachusetts archdiocese,  involving scores of priests and hundreds of victims across the Boston metropolitan area.  The scandal began brewing in Boston, but it was not isolated there.  By the end of 2002, some 1,200 priests had been accused of abuse nationwide, according to a study by The New York Times.

Over the course of that year, five bishops resigned in connection with sex scandals, including Boston’s Cardinal Law. The crisis was felt worldwide, with accusations of abuse or the mishandling of scandals forcing the resignation of bishops in Argentina, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Switzerland, and Austria.

With a brilliantly crafted screenplay by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer, Spotlight sheds the light as seen through the eyes of a specialized group of Boston Globe reporters who blew the lid off this controversy.

Spotlight also boasts the best ensemble cast outside of this years’ “Steve Job”s film.  Led by Academy Award nominee Michael Keaton my attention was captured and retained from the first frame to the last.  Keaton, Rachel McAdams,  Liev Schreiber, Brian D’arcy James and John Slattery bring the Globe’s investigative team to life with gusto and intensity.  However, there are two performances that really stick out by Stanley Tucci and Mark Ruffalo.


I really thought Ruffalo was going to get a nod last year with his performance in Foxcatcher, but maybe that didn’t happen to make room for his performance in Spotlight.  Ruffalo, as real-life investigative reporter Michael Rezendes, is quite compelling!  The passion and sense of urgency Ruffalo gives to Rezendes draws the audience in even further and allows you to respect the actor and his subject.


Stanley Tucci, as Boston Sexual Abuse Law firm owner, Mitchell Garabedian, is stupendous!  He is in a variety of films as a supporting player with such an ease that he makes what he does look very easy.  I assure you it isn’t and I am hopeful that the academy members will agree with me.

It suffices to say that although the Catholic church has made several strides this subject continues to be one that rears its ugly head from time to time.  Let’s hope with Spotlight, the church, its members and any young child who has been abused will now have the courage to speak up and out.  You never know who is listening or watching.  Break the Story…Break the Silence.




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