Spaceship Earth Looks Back on Weird Science Experiment

spaceship earth


Back in 2011, my journey would bring to meet to Suzyand Rebecca Amis of  the MUSE school, whose mission is to educate children all ages how to live and maintain a sustainable life.  My eyes were opened in a whole new way from that experiences, but not more than the discovery process of watching Spaceship Earth.

In 1991, eight visionaries spent two years quarantined inside of a self-engineered replica of Earth’s ecosystem called BIOSPHERE 2. The experiment was a worldwide phenomenon, chronicling daily existence in the face of life threatening ecological disaster and a growing criticism that it was nothing more than a tourist attraction with theatre geek scientists. This story is both a cautionary tale and a hopeful lesson of how a small group of dreamers could potentially reimagine a new world.

Set off by John Allen’s ideas and Edward Bass‘ money, some CO1, enhanced CO2 issues and not sure what they were doing was legal, the “weird science” experiment with a self-contained community crashing to a halt on April Fool’s Day a few years later when Ed Bass and Steve Bannon brought in the Feds. Why?  Steve Bannon wasn’t completely convinced about global change.  Not to mention the tension between Bass and Allen, placed many of the scientists and the work they fought for their entire lives at odds.

Spaceship Earth moves a little slowly to get to its point, but a point driven home very well by director/producer Matt Wolf.  Was BIOSPHERE 2 a cautionary tale?  Not when you consider where we are right now with COVID-19, Global Warming and the destruction of our rainforest.  Hopefully, humanity will get its act together and stop us from sliding into the stratosphere.

25 years later, BIOSPHERE 2 is now run by the University of Arizona and opened to the public in 1996.  Ed Bass recently donated 30 million dollars to the project for ongoing research.  At 79, Biospherian Dr. Roy Walford died from Lou Gehrig’s disease and all the other biospherians continue to work on planetary projects from sustainability to space travel.

Educate yourself about our planet when NEON will releases SPACESHIP EARTH on Hulu, VOD, Virtual Cinemas and participating Drive-Ins May 8th.


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  • Patricia Collins

    I was casting about for things to do when visiting my father in Arizona a few years ago. But wait! Biosphere 2 was there! And I could visit! So we did. I’d been fascinated by the concept since the day the team went in, and I even read two books about the mission. God love weird cults backed with money (who aren’t into sex with children and suicide).

    It was funny to me how easy it was to walk in and out of the structure, after all I’d read about the air exchange.

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