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SNL Ladies Celebrate Milestone Birthday in Style at Wine Country

One of my best birthday celebrations was the one where my friends from every chapter of my life flew in to celebrate a milestone birthday going on some wine tours in Santa Barbara.  We had the best time ever and many shenanigans ensued going and coming. Needless to say, when Wine Country opened with this same premise (even down to my wine glass pajamas), I thought this must be a right of passage for women and milestone birthdays.  Unlike its predecessor, Sideways (which followed the journey and friendship of two dudes tiring to Santa Barbara), this flick centers around a bunch of college friends from a Chicago pizza parlor tripping to Napa Valley.

Directed by and starring Amy Poehler, Poehler serves as the coordinator from hell who is doing her best to make sure her good girlfriend’s 50th birthday is the most memorable event of her life.  However, it ends up becoming a trip where the ladies begin to question their own lives and relationships with each other.  With a cast featured of mostly SNL alum (Ana Gasteyer (Catherine), Rachel Dratch (Rebecca), Maya Rudolph (Naomi), Tina Fey (Tammy), Paula Pell (Abby) and Emily Spivey) the laughs are plentiful. Some of favorites being the joke about Devon (Jason Schwartzman) making paella and literally “coming” with the house or when Abby goes sprinting down the street to try out her new knees.   Pure Comedy for sure!  It almost makes you wonder what didn’t make the cut with all the improv shenanigans these dolls have up their sleeves.

Written by Liz Cackowski and Emily Spivey, I loved how each character had their own issue to grapple with ranging from husbands, being a workaholic, health issues, doing anything for love and affection, being afraid to face immortality and being the passive one for the sake of not ruffling any feathers. At the end of the day, you just want to be around people who get you, love you in spite of your self and are your ride or die chicks for life.

Wine Country is a great flick to grab some snacks, your best vino and kick it on the sofa for a chilled night with those who make you feel special and cool.  Produced by Netflix, Wine Country begins streaming on May 10th


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