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Review: Sneakerheadz



How many times is a woman clowned for owning numerous pairs of pumps?  Remember how mortified people were when it was revealed that the First Lady of Phillipines – Imelda Marcos owned more than 3,000 pairs of shoes?

Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum

My little brother just had to have the latest pair of sneaks.  I’m talking about sneaks that retailed for $300 or more a pop!!!  I really couldn’t understand his obsession with these shoes that you obviously couldn’t wear with everything unless you were a Grammy winning hip hop artist or rap star wannabe.

That is not until I watched the “Sneakerheadz” documentary.  I discovered that this subculture of sneaker enthusiasts have their own sneaker terminology, that there are more than 15 brands of sneaks, that some are sold for more than $10,000,  sneaker pimp conventions exist, the internet changed up the game of obtain the most popular sneaks in seconds, there are at least 1000 kids killed a year over sneakers and that cancer patients have hope revitalized by simply designing a sneaker.

Seems like a lot to digest doesn’t it? It is…but it’s also very fascinating!

You see the high-profile sneaker revolution really began when kids in the suberbs wanted to look more hip and current and not preppy.  Sneakerheadz, who obviously suffered from O.C.D .(Obsesssive Consumption Disorder), were  known to travel as far and wide as Japan in order to get the latest and greatest sneaker.  ENTER – The internet.  The world wide web has made it possible to grab the most vintage of sneaks in a matter of seconds via Ebay, NikeTalk and of course

For those old school sneakerheadz, you can make a trip to Boston and check out rows and rows of kicks at Bodega Store or wait for Black Friday and find deals all over the world.

If you think this obsession is unique to guys…think again.  The chicks are all over this craze.  One doll is so sneaker crazy that she had her birthday cake made into a giant Jordan, which led to her becoming the first woman to design a Jordan sneaker!  Congrats Va$htie Kola!!

Nike Hires Va$htie Kola to Design Jordans

OF course, every phenomenon is not without its negative side.  Over 1000 teenagers and college kids a year have been shot and/or killed over a pair of kicks.   After Joshua Woods (22) was shot in Houston, his Mom founded “Life Over Fashion” as a means to control and eliminate sneaker jealousy and envy by taking another life.

Life Over Fashion

In addition, Nike established the Doernbecher Freestyle competition for children that are cancer patients as a means to turn sneaker violence around in a positive direction.

2014 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Baby, I learned more about sneakers than I ever knew existed and am grateful for the education.

Sneakerheadz was featured at the 2015 South By Southwest Film Festival and had a limited release on August 7th.  IF you want to catch it you can click on this Sneakerheaz Movie link for more information on how to watch this fascinating flick.



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