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Review: Get Hard


Kevin Hart was promoting his latest comedy with Will Ferrell on The Steve Harvey Morning Show this past Friday, revealed that Ferrell’s company approached him about this project and the two worked together tweaking the script along with Etan Cohen to get it just right!

Hart also admitted that he broke into laughter and ruined a many a scene due the antics of Will Ferrell saying “his comedy is on another level…he has NO fear”.  Being a huge fan of both for quite some time, I can tell you that NEITHER of them have fear.  In another interview, Hart recalled the moment he decided to do comedy for a living.  He self-admittedly was not a great student in school and when he told his Mom…she said I will give you six months to make this work.

Being a little light on the rent and with an eviction notice looming, he asked his Mom for help and she asked him repeatedly if he had read his Bible.  Annoyed,  he admitted he hadn’t, but could she just give him the money.  Mom once again told him to read his Bible.  When he finally cracked open his Bible, he was shocked to see that Mom had placed six months rent in his Bible.  When you know that Mom is behind you, there is not stopping your journey from blazing a trail.  Kevin’s Mom passed on a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure that she has a huge hand in the success he enjoys today.

After screening Get Hard this weekend, I can tell you that Kevin’s Mom definitely made the right decision.  When we meet Darnell (Kevin Hart) he has a semi-thriving car wash business in the parking garage of a Los Angeles business building, where he often crosses paths with millionaire stock broker James King (Will Ferrell).

Things take an interesting twist when James is nailed for fraud, sentenced to prison and enlists the assistance of Darnell to prepare for life behind bars.  Why Darnell?  Because like most men in James King’s position, they wrongly assume that ALL black men have been to prison.  The joke is Darnell has no clue what prison is like, but when James offers Darnell the money he needs to purchase his dream home…he creates a get ready for prison program enlisting help from his ex-con cousin (rapper T.I.) and James King’s domestic employees.

I would not be exaggerating, when I tell you I laughed so hard, I literally had to make a bathroom run in the middle of the film.  Thanks to my trusty AMC Stubs app, I knew ahead of time when to make my exit without missing a beat of the film.

They’re many stereotypical things going on in this film, but only for purposes of pointing out how ridiculous these ideals/assumptions are by using comedy to make very valid points.

I have to give kudos to Will Ferrell for being a smart cookie.  Kevin Hart is the hottest comedic film star and Ferrell pitched his idea and encouraged Hart to work on the script in order to make it something they both could get behind.  Kudos to Etan Cohen for directing these two comedy comets and for putting his ego to the side by collaborating with them on the writing.

Get Hard is in theaters now!  If you need a quick chuckle to get away from it all…this would definitely be the move to make!

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