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Review: Bound To Vengeance


I don’t know about you, but I really love a good thriller.  You know the kind that leaves you breathless from the first frame until the last?  Well, Bound To Vengeance is totally one of those flicks!

This gritty, revenge thriller about a young woman, Eve (Tina Ivlev) who has been abducted  finally finds her moment to escape when she takes her malicous abductor (Richared Tyson) captive.  After a grim discovery that other girls have been captured, she sets out on a journey to save them all.  However,  Eve finds herself fighting for her life against the very girls she’s trying to save.

The twists and turns that are revealed in this journey are mind blowing revealing a little nugget that we never see coming.

Tina Ivlev convincingly portrays the mental anguish, anger and skiddish behaviour associated with being kidnapped to the extent one forgets she is acting in a role.  Richard Tyson gives creepy a whole new definition and each time he gets popped you secretly wish she would just take him out already.

Director, José Manuel Cravioto outdid himself on this one and I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

On a serious note, human trafficking and kidnapping is at an all time high, so as a reminder, if you see something – say something.  You never know whose life you may be saving.

Bound to Vengeance originally made its US debut this year a the Sundance film festival and recently celebrated it domestic release on June 26th.

Catch it if you can…you won’t be sorry…but don’t watch it alone…

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