Resort to Love is a RomCom with Heart and Soul

Most people don’t know this about me, but I have been engaged A LOT.   My second engagement was the most hurtful because not only did my fiancé break up with me over the phone, but informed me that he was engaged to someone else.   Against my better judgement, I was in the middle of making plans to attend and disrupt their engagement event, when my mom talked me off the ledge.  So, needless to say, when I watched Resort To Love, I felt like someone had snatched pages of my journal and slapped it into a film. No, I wasn’t in a love triangle, but the rejection and self-worth questioning was the same. It reminded me how much do you let yourself stay anguished before getting closure and moving on with your life.

In the wake of a career meltdown, aspiring recording artist Erica(Christina Milian) lands a gig at her ex-fiance’s (Jay Pharoah) wedding at a luxurious island resort.  Soon thereafter, Jason shows up to that same resort set to marry someone else.  Erica finds herself rediscovering feelings for him as they desperately attempt to keep their past relationship a secret from his bride-to-be (Christiani Pitts). Of course – plot twist!  Erica, on her day off, goes to a private beach ultimately finding herself trying to save someone from drowning.  Although, she can’t swim and ends up being saved by Caleb King  (Sinqua Walls), Jason’s brother.  Needless to say, there is an instant connection, but neither one of them have yet to see just how deep the connection will go.

Resort To Love feels like the Julia Robert’s film My Best Friends Wedding, but with Black people.  Produced by Grammy winner Alicia Keys, it’s a corny, romantic comedy that delves into the possibilities of what closure can look like and what it will ultimately become.  One of my favorite scenes involves Milian singing “I Will Survive” sounding like one of those joke contestants on American Idol having a meltdown in front of the judges.  It is truly pure comedy and is a testament to just how gifted she is.  Singing off pitch when you can blow like she can is difficult at best and she does it fabulously!

Milian is adorably realistic as a lovelorn vocalist whose career has reached a new low.  A low encouraged and set up by her social media savvy bestie Amber (Tymberlee Hill).  Hill is hilarious and her scenes with Milian via cell are just as comical. I mean who hasn’t had a friend like Amber?

When one thinks of a romantic lead, Jay Pharaoh is not the first person that comes to mind, but he is actually quite engaging as Jason.  Sinqua Walls is yummy in every sense of the word.  Not to be distracted by his insanely gifted physique, the charming vulnerability he brings to Caleb is quite endearing.  At the end of the day, Resort To Love doesn’t break the mold on this type of story, but it will make you laugh and warm your heart if only for a moment.

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