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Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal Brings Headlines to Netflix

Former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was the subject of nearly every newscast for months with speculation over whether or not he murdered his wife and son. The Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal tells the story of one family who yielded power and influence in the state of South Carolina, but went on to become one of America’s most notorious families.

From the death of the family’s housekeeper Gloria Satterfield to a boat crash  resulting in the accidental death of Mallory Beach, the documentary explores how a series of tragedies led to the unravelling of the Murdaugh legacy.  Netflix’s new documentary provides plenty of insight and testimony into the cases. Mostly, the fact many who have money and power feel they have no consequences or repercussions to their actions.

Cover-ups, lies and tying up loose ends seemed to be his motivation for everything,  The looming darkness that lies behind that stealth smile and stoic voice is enough to make one’s blood run cold.

What Netflix and directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason succeed is is having no way of knowing how closely the release of the documentary series would fall in line with the trial happening in real time.

In the final episode, we learn of even more suspicious events.

On July 8, 2015, a young man named Stephen Smith was found dead on a rural road, supposedly struck by a vehicle.  However, evidence would later prove that Smith was actually beaten to death, resulting in all kinds of stories circulating about his association with Buster Murdaugh, older brother of Alex –  but Buster has never been accused of any crime.

If one didn’t know better, you would swear this whole scenario was a Lifetime movie script.  Having said that, the first two episodes feel a little repetitive. Although, that last episode will blow your top off with the realization that what Murdaugh is being accused of may actually be possible.

There is never a real solace when someone loses a loved one in the manner Mallory, Gloria and Stephen left this earth.  Murdaugh will have to atone  his actions for an eternity and that is exactly what the courts sentenced him with on March 3, 2023 – two consecutive life sentences finding him guilty of killing his wife, Maggie, and son Paul, in 2021. Murdaugh will not be eligible for parole and had been expected to receive at least 30 years but avoid the death penalty.

The Murdaugh Murders is a compelling real life murder mystery where no one has peace.  Mallory, Gloria and Stephen are still without their loved ones all due to the selfish, irreversible acts of a man with no conscious and a love of status that surpassed his love of family.

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