Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore are Dynamic Duo in After The Wedding

When I was a little girl and my mother wouldn’t let me have my way, I would tell her that my ‘other mother’ would let me do what I wanted.  I know…it was really bratty and wrong!

Imagine if one day she actually broke the news that I actually did have ‘another mother.’  I’m not sure I’d wanna know.  Would it change our dynamic?  Would my ‘other mother’ be as cool as my current Mom?

Based on the film ‘Efter Brylluppet’, After The Wedding introduces us to Isabel (Michelle Williams), who has devoted life to running an orphanage in Calcutta whose funds are slowing depleting.  When a potential donor (Julianne Moore) with big pockets offer to give them a much needed financial shot, only one condition is required.  Isabel is required to do a presentation in person  in New York City.  Once there, she discovers that there is more to her visit than even she could have anticipated.  Isabel finds herself in a position having to decide between her chosen family in India or her biological ties in New York…all of which occur after the wedding of the donor Theresa Young.

There is a reason Julianne Moore has an Oscar and Michelle Williams has been a multiple nominee.  Their chemistry on screen is electric!

There is one scene between Billy Crudup and Julianne Moore that is horribly heartbreaking and Michelle Williams in just undeniably magnanimous in every second with every single scene.

At the end of this film, the audience ponders how and why one would divulge the truth regardless of the consequences good, bad or indifferent.  After The Wedding is an emotional rollercoaster of truth, love and family that drags a tad mid-way through, but overall is a story that needs to told and embraced if for no other reason but for the performances alone.  Produced by Sony Pictures Classics, After The Wedding hits theaters on August 9th.


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