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Meghan Markle: An American Cinderella and The Royal Wedding

I remember well waking up at 5am to witness Princess Diana marry Prince Charles.  The pomp and circumstance, glamour and fairytale element of it all was absolutely fascinating to me as an American.  It was the first time my generation had an opportunity to see witness such an event.

Well, today little girls worldwide witnessed American Actress Meghan Markle marry Diana’s son Prince Harry, who will both now be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  There has only been one Duke of Sussex and his legacy is known for campaigning for the abolition of slavery.

Meghan Markle, a Southern California native will make a fantabulous addition to the Royal Family and the couple has broken ground and tradition with the manner in which they tied the knot.  Due to health issues, her Dad was not able to attend and Prince Charles walked the bride down the aisle.  Prince Harry kept his beard and was not clean-shaven like many royals in theist.  There was a lack preacher and a gospel choir that sang a beautiful rendition of “Stand By Me.”  And of course it wouldn’t be a Royal Wedding without a few Hollywood stars  – Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba, Elton John, Victoria Beckham, the cast of Suits, Priyanka Chopra, Amal and George Clooney to list a few.

I can’t speak for others, but this moment was a bright light in an otherwise dismal world in which we currently dwell.  If only for one day, the world witnessed what happens when one puts their prejudice, hate and differences aside to come together for one purpose – Love.

So, in celebration, here are some flicks available via Netflix with royal flair to commemorate the occasion.

The Royal House of Windsor – A Netflix documentary chronicling the history of the Royal Windsors.

The Crown – The acclaimed Netflix series that chronicles Queen Elizabeth’s early days and her journey into reigning over the UK and Scotland

Diana:  In Her Own Words – A haunting documentary in the words of Princess Diana about her feelings and thoughts regarding marrying into the royal family and the distress, joy and pain that ultimately took her life.

Elizabeth at 90:  A Family Tribute – A loving and candid tribute to the monarchy through the eyes, lens and words of Queen Elizabeth’s family.


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