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Marsai Martin IS the Boss and Taking Charge in Little

What would you do if you had the chance to be a kid again knowing what you know now? When we’re kids we all know who we are until life and the world beats it right out of you. Sometimes, we forget and need to tap back into that innocence and optimism of being a child before we learn what the rules of life entail.

At least once in a lifetime, we encounter a boss who challenges us to be better or makes us want to coward in a corner from fear.

You know the kind you literally want to slap into the net millineum because he/she can sense your happiness. Jordan Sanders is THAT chick.  Jordan (Regina Hall) is beautiful, powerful. the boss from hell and makes anyone within her orbit feel less than with one gaze.

When she pops off to the wrong person, Jordan wakes up to find herself literally “Little” forcing her assistant April (Issa Rae) to temporarily take over the reigns of her company until Jordan goes back to normal.  That’s when the shenanigans ensue.

Produced by Will Packer, Kenya Barris, James Lopez and Black*ish star Marsai Martin, Little is a combo platter of Big meets Working Girl meets Freaky Friday and I was there for all of it!  Marsai Martin carries this film and is absolutely hysterical along with her partner in crime Issa Rae.  They are the reason this film works like a charm.

Little is hilarious and my two favorite scenes involve breadstick karaoke and a BMW (Black Mama Whooping) in the parking lot.  It was great to see a young, up and coming blactress flexing her producing power and employing a mostly all black female cast.  All Strong.  All Hilarious.  All the best talent we have in the industry right now.

Little also succeeds in reinforcing the fact that no matter what lane you are navigating in to just “be yourself” and never let anyone else define you.”  I sat down and chatted with Regina Hall about all of it…

Starring Issa Rae, Marsai Martin and Regina Hall, Little hits theatres nationwide on Friday, April 12th.



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