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Love vs Truth – Greed vs Power Permeate Wonder Woman 1984


Since the start of the pandemic, I have endured numerous racist encounters while grocery shopping.  Most of them with older white men who viciously, vehemently and verbally attacked my character for no other reason other than the color of my skin. There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe my frustration, anger and disappointment in those moments.  Frustration for the lack of ignorance and the sheer lack of humanity for another human being deemed as ‘other’ in this world.   A world that currently finds itself struggling with the ideology of greed vs power and/or love vs the truth. A world in which the leader of the free world would rather command with greed and power than protect the very humans who voted and hired him to serve the interest and well-being of the American people.  A man boy whose love of money supersedes the truth in any form.  As much as he would love to believe he is a hero of the people, no true hero is born from lies.

Max Stone (Pedro Pascal) is a father and failed businessman desperate for a second chance to be on top.  After much research, he discovers a stone that possesses an unusual power that could literally grant hs very wish and desire.  This same stone brings back Diana’s (Gal Godot) one true love Steve (Chris Pine) where together they embark on the adventure of both their lifetimes only to be complicated by an archaeological scientist, Barbara (Kristen Wiig) who has an agenda of her very own.

The opening sequence of Wonder Woman 1984 is epic full of gorgeous cinematography, action and a peek into a very important life lesson for a young Diana from Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen)and and mentor Antiope (Robin Wright).  The attention to detail regarding the 80’s is hysterically nostalgic full of TransAm joy riding, fanny packs, infomercial, parachute pants,  jazzercise in the mall, video games and leg warmers.  Diana’s entrance on screen in the mall taking down criminals is classic Wonder Woman in wedge heels accenting her signature costume.  After the re-emergence of Steve (Chris Pine) and Diana’s attempt to acquaint him with 1984 with an escalator and train ride in DC Metro and dressing him for the occasion the film becomes a little stiff in the middle.

Enter Kristen Wiig as Barbara, who provides Gadot with the perfect protagonist, wants nothing more than to be seen.  Chemistry serves as a highlight of the film and made for some exciting sparring scenes between actors verbally and physically.  More than anything, WW84 succeeds for that reason and Pedro Pascal.  As Max Stone, he leaves the audience with a very much needed lesson of how power and greed can destroy the earth and those who inhabit. The truth is powerful…trust it. What is my truth about this film? Kindness goes a long way.  Just the those men in the grocery store who were intent on being nasty for no good reason, their words and how they are facilitated can be very powerful if they are indeed truthful. Loved seeing my peeps Natasha Rothwell and Ravi Patel – just wish their characters had more to do.  Last, but certainly not least let me give a shout out to the over 100 stunt performers who contributed their talent and skill to this film.  It wouldn’t have gone off without a hitch if not for their expertise and excellence.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot teamed up once again producing a film with so many messages that it was hard to keep up with which one take away.  For me, women are more powerful united than divided, cheating never wins, but always comes with a price tag attached. Produced by Warner Brothers Pictures, Wonder Woman 1984 streams on Christmas Day! Happy Holidays!!

P.S.  Make sure you watch ALL the credits for a super duper special surprise


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