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Lifetime Joins Robin Roberts, Kenny Leon and Surviving Jeffrey Epstein


This morning, Lifetime Television’s Amy Winter addressed a virtual press corp laying out what the network has in store for audiences going into the later part of 2020 right through 2021.  Having started her gig during the pandemic, Winter’s programming has not been without its challenges, but she dropped some great nuggets including joining forces with Emmy Award-winning journalist Robin Roberts and famed Tony-winning Director Kenny Leon in bringing the life story of Mahalia Jackson to life in the form of former Orange is The New Black star Danielle Brooks.

It’s a Wonderful Lifetime and they intend to keep it that way with more holiday flicks than any other network.  Holiday flicks with the network’s favorite stars will now be available 24-7 starting in October 30th, including two new ones starring America’s favorite funny women Betty White and Tiffany Haddish.

Right on the heels of their Peabody award-winning docs-series ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ is yet another Jeffrey Epstein docuseries that was filmed during quarantine and culminates with the arrest accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell slated to air on August 9th and 10th.  Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and preparing to go to trial in 2019 when he committed suicide leaving the survivors unfilled and frustrated.

The panel, which included Executive Producer Robert “Bob” Freidman, Director/Filmmakers Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, Trauma Psychologist Dr. Janice Stevenson, Survivor attorney Brittany Henderson and Survivors Kiki Doe and Rachel Kay Benavidez addressed some issues and questions surrounding the aftermath of Maxwell’s arrest and the suicide of Epstein. “Because Jeffrey Epstein had so much power and instilled so much fear into the survivors is why you see so many women finally comfortable and safe with coming forward…that fear has disappeared with his death,” replied one of the panelists.  Dr. Janice Stevenson, added, “…I had a chance to do some work the the sniper case in the DC area and there was a sense of incompleteness for alot of the survivors in that situation…as if they were left hanging.  You heard in early comments that when the attention goes away from it…their ability to receive healing goes away with it as well  if the healing relies on exposure, the telling of the story and the comfort that can come from society as a whole.  I want to echo what Rachel (Kay Benavidez – Survivor) said because I heard that throughout that circumstance as well…the perception that this power, wealth status excuses you from the rules of society and laws in a country  of law depends on restitution…depends on balance in the scales and when the perpetrator’s deceased that balance seems to shift in a very frightening kind of way.

In closing, Executive Producer, Robert Friedman wanted to note that, “…Lifetime has provided support before, during and after for the survivors…we think that’s really important…this won’t be the last and it’s certainly not the first, but I think that’s important of all of us in take responsibility of what we’re doing on television.”




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