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As we wrap up political party conventions and prepare to elect another President of the United States, who can forget the only other administration that brought fun, class and Camelot to the nation’s capital other than the Obamas. John F. Kennedy had the potential to be one of our greatest and sadly never had the chance to find out.
Therefore, all of America waited for the little boy who saluted his Dad in death, JFK, JR, to pick up the torch where his Dad left off. Sadly, we would never see that come to fruition.
JFK, Jr. is the only person  who was recognizable from the back.   As, I lay on the floor, struggling to do one more sit-up with my medicine ball, I spotted him by the water cooler in the gym where I trained.  Needless to say, I had to get some water, right??!!!  Well, I damn near knocked him down trying to get a closer look to the closest thing America had to a real live Prince.
As we bumped, he turned with that gleaming smile and said “hello”.  I profusely apologized for practically tackling him like a linebacker.  He graciously let me know that it wasn’t a big deal, asked my name, said it was nice to meet and then left.  Did I dream it?  Nope!!!
He was the adored son of America’s most glamorous president and was considered by many to be “America’s Prince”. Despite living under the media microscope for his entire life, JFK Jr. forged his own successful career – from serving as the Assistant District Attorney of New York to launching the glossy political magazine, George.
July marks the anniversary month of his tragic death.  Network Entertainment and Spike TV give us a glimpse into the compelling life of John F. Kennedy Jr. through a distinctive lens of many people who knew him well, from A-list celebrities to close friends and staffers who worked closely with him at George magazine, in the original documentary film, “I AM JFK Jr.” on Monday, August 1 at 9:00pm ET/PT.
“I AM JFK JR.” features interviews with John F. Kennedy Jr.’s friends ranging from the famous, like Robert De Niro and Cindy Crawford, to the controversial, like Mike Tyson and Larry Flynt; from media stars like Christiane AmanpourChris CuomoPaul Begala and Ann Coulter, to close friends like Grateful Dead songwriter John Perry BarlowSasha ChermayeffRichard WieseChris OberbeckBrian SteelJohn Hare, New York restaurateur Richie Notar, John’s Chief of Staff RoseMarie Terenzio, and colleagues at John’s pioneering George magazine, Gary Ginsberg and Matt Berman.
Michael Reagan and author Doug Wead talk about the difficulties and strange destinies of presidential children, actor Kristoffer Polaha talks about the man he would one day play on-screen, while authors Christopher Andersen and Laurence Leamer offer background on the life of America’s most famous family.
The day his plane tragically went down, myself and a friend had taken the train to the beach and stopped for a bite to  eat on the way back.  On the telly, was the news that the plane holding him, his new bride and her sister was missing.  I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that the so-called Kennedy curse had claimed another one of its beloved members.  Sadly, I would be right.
This is a man who was famous from the minute he hit the earth for absolutely nothing other than being a Kennedy.  No other human on the planet had ever endured such media scrutiny.  Not even some of the biggest stars on the planet.  Can you even imagine what kind of pressure leading that type of existence felt like?  Most of us will never know, but he did and always handled it with such a calm, graceful spirit.
“I AM JFK JR. comes to Digital HD on August 2nd and was released on a limited basis in selected theaters beginning July 20th.
It’s nostalgic, heartwarming, heartbreaking and a lesson to us all to live life to its fullest as you never know when your time may be up.

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