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Gabrielle Union Is Ultimate Mama Bear in Breaking In!

Producer Will Packer is on a roll.  Girls Trip was the breakout hit of 2017 bringing us the brightest comedy star of the year – Tiffany Haddish.  Now, Packer is teaming up with Gabrielle Union on a violent home invasion thriller for Mother’s Day – Breaking In.

After the untimely death of her Dad, Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) takes her kids back to her childhood home in order to pack up and sell the estate.  Instead, she discovers a fortress of a house filled with secrets, unwanted and unexpected visitors.  Shaun then finds herself in a race against time to save herself and her kids from being snuffed out by the intruders.

The thriller quality of Breaking In wrecked my nerves so badly that I twisted my metal knee twice…lol. Unfortunately, it’s filled with clichés (attempted teen rape, victims being tied up, running into woods, etc…) we’ve seen a million times before.  Nothing really that original going  on, but the film is saved with the performances of Union, the gorgeous Billy Burke (Eddie)and his partners in crime – Mark Fuze (Peter), Damien Leake (Isaac) and Levi Meaden (Sam).The children, Ajiona Alexus (Jasmine) and Seth Carr (Glover Russell) shine as well.  It was refreshing to see children portrayed in a more reflective light of the world we live in that are beautiful and smart.

What I mostly love about Breaking In is that Shaun Russell never appears as a victim.  She’s in control every second under the most stressful of circumstances.  She never wavers in her determination to protect and keep her family safe.

Produced by Universal Pictures Breaking In opened Mother’s Day weekend and is in theaters now!!!


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