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Curvy Critic Oscar Predictions

Wow…I can’t believe another year of Oscar hopefuls is upon us.  #OscarsSoWhite is no more…for now, great films for women and new, yet familiar faces.  Who do I think will walk away with the statue?  Here are my thoughts.

Who will win – LaLa Land

LaLa Land has had an upward momentum ever since it hit the scene.  Creating consistent and massive wins for its two leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, as well as, some serious shine on its young director Damien Chazelle.


Who should win – Moonlight or Hidden Fences

Moonlight struck a chord for many moviegoers with its coming of age story about a young black boy in Miami and Hidden Figures shed the light on the contribution of women in the space program.  Both movies have grossed very well at the box office.  If either one beat LaLa Land it would very well be the upset win of the evening.



Who will win – Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been a darling of moviegoers and Hollywood for quite some time.  Many thought she would come close to winning for her turn in Whiplash or The Help.  However, it’s her singing and dancing ala Ginger Rogers that may see the young star take home her first Oscar.


Who should win – Isabelle Huppert

Already a massive force on the French cinema scene, Huppert’s role as a woman with a very twisted relationship rapist neighbor has put her on the radar of American audiences.  Her and Emma Stone both won Golden Globes, so this one could be anyone’s game at the end of the night.



Who will win – Casey Affleck

Affleck’s performance seems to have really struck a chord with moviegoers and critics alike.  Basically, having swept the season it seems like a no brainer that Affleck will be giving an acceptance speech on Oscar Sunday.


Who should win – Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington in Fences is some of his best work to date, in my opinion.  It may very well be the best performance of his career.  Coupled with the fact that Washington directed himself and the rest of his stellar cast speaks volumes to his bottomless well of talent.  Scheduled to direct even more of August Wilson’s work, I look forward to him possibly making history as the only person of color to have 3 Oscars.



Who will win – Mahershala Ali

A drug dealer with a conscience and heart of gold is hard to play truthfully, but Mahershala Ali gives this character so much depth that when you discover he as passed on to another realm you are actually sad and disappointed that he didn’t beat the odds. 


Who should win – Mahershala Ali

For all the reasons I just mentioned, plus the fact that it is totally his time!  He created career momentum with his recurring role on House of Cards, stellar work on Luke Cage and his beautiful understated work in Hidden Figures.  In addition to his first born being due around Oscar Sunday, like a friend said to me once, when it’s your time…its your time and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  Well, Mahershala Ali…it’s your time and that golden statue is yours!!!



Who will win – Viola Davis

Viola Davis is a beast of an actress…period.  Anytime you can get an Oscar nomination for an 11-minute performance (like the one in Doubt), you know you are a bad mamma jamma.  Having swept this awards season, it would really be a surprise if anyone but Davis takes home the Oscar


Who should win – Viola Davis

No disrespect to the other nominees, including longtime friend Octavia Spencer, but this is simply the year of Viola Davis.  Racking up a bunch of  first honors (1st woman of color to win an Emmy, 1st to recieve three Oscars nods, etc…) and her remarkably stunning work on How To Get Away With Murder every week, Davis is poised to be an even bigger winner than she already is.  It doesn’t hurt that she is universally one of the nicest, hardest-working well-respected actors in the biz.



Who will win: 

I’m conflicted on this one.  Kenneth Lonnergan did exceptional work, as did Denzel Washington and Barry Jenkins.  However, based on the awards season thusfar, I’m thinking Damien Chazelle may be walking away with the statue for LaLa Land if for nothing else that scene filmed on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and for the fact that he probably should’ve got some shine for Whiplash last year.


Who should win:

For a first time director Barry Jenkins, it would be a dream to win.  Mostly because I felt like directing three young men to have the same essence of one character was miraculous and because it would be a historic win.  No person of color has ever won Best Director.



Who will win:

Again, I’m feeling a toss up situation happening.  Throughout awards season, this category has been split.  BAFTA  awarded Ava DuVernay and 13th, however, O.J. Made In America has literally been sweeping.  I loved I Am Not Your Negro and Life, Animated.  I don’t think I can accurately call this one.

Who should win:

I feel like Life, Animated had me straight up in the ugly cry when I saw it at Sundance.  It really touched my heart.  But, I loved how O.J. Made In America touched on race relations in our country by looking at how O.J. Simpson went from American Hero to Accused and Acquitted Murderer.  So, I feel like again this category will be a toss up.


Who will win: 

In today’s racial climate, Zootopia speaks volumes and has literally swept this awards season.


Who should win:  

It would be nice to see KUBO and The Two Strings win.  It was such a beautiful film, I almost forgot I was watching an animated film.

Stay tuned as I report from the Oscar press room.  We’ll see if my predictions were right as rain or wrong as two left shoes😂😂😂

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