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Brie Larson is Fantabulous and Badass as Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is here in the form of Brie Larson, who is kicking intergalactic booty for days and I’m here for all of it!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe never disappoints and Captain Marvel is no exception laden with 90’s references like Blockbuster Video and a soundtrack with hits featuring mostly female tracks like “What a Man” by Salt ‘N’ Pepa, “Waterfalls” by T.L.C. and so much more.  I got my entire life jamming in my seat!!!

We meet Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) discovering disjointed memories of a horrible plane crash.  A crash which holds the key to those memories that have eluded her for nearly six years. Now known as Vers, Carol also attempts to control her gift of hands that can pop off proton blasts in the blink of an eye, while fighting a universe war.

As usual, with these types of films, the battle scenes are usually a little lengthy, but I didn’t seem to mind this time.  Issues like single motherhood, friendship, female empowerment were staples throughout the film that will resonate for women and girls of all ages.  I love the diversity of the women in the film ranging from the Director/Screenplay writer (Anna Boden), writers Nicole Perlman, Geneva Roberston, Dworet and Meg LeFauve to  Hollywood Legends like Annette Bening to Gemma Chan to Lashana Lynch to Brie Larson.  Representation matters and I applaud Marvel for always stepping up the plate setting the example for others.

The relationship between Carol (Larson) and Marie (Lynch) is endearing and refreshing to watch.  These two women endured military training, becoming pilots and supporting each other through Marie being a single Mom.

Of course, it was an extra special treat to find see a kinder, gentler Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).  The chemistry and banter between Danvers and Fury is hilarious, quick-witted and one of many highlights of the film.

Brie Larson is the perfect person to play Captain Marvel.  She has the comedic sensibility, vulnerability and strength (both inner and outer) to make Carol Danvers believable.  Lashana Lynch (Marie) fought her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was certainly well worth it for her and for audiences.

Captain Marvel packs an entertainment punch that will leave you yearning and wondering  what is next for the newest entry into the Marvel franchise.  Decide for yourself when it hits theaters nationwide on March 8th.

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      • james

        Who’s opinion doesn’t differ from this not being a perfect movie the way you’re claiming is it? You’re one of the only ones! It takes an incredible amount of bias, to not see any fault in this movie, when even media that was glowing over this movie, have admitted issues in it. But not you. You see only perfection.

      • Carla Renata

        AGAIN! That is MY opinion and I am entitled to it. You don’t have to think Captain Marvel is perfection…you and everyone else who believes that the film flawed is entitled to your viewpoint just as I am entitled to mine. Not being bullied to express the norm because it’s popular…sorry

      • James

        Talk about entitled. Your job is to publicly express your criticism of someone else’s work. God forbid someone else gives critism of your work. Don’t like other people expressing their opinions, don’t make yourself a public figure.

      • Carla Renata

        I’m not entitled. Nor do I claim to be such. I can take criticism.m and was was simply pointing out in response to your comments on how I choose to critique that I will NOT be bullied or railroaded into expressing anything that doesn’t ring true to me and that is MY right – film critic or not. If you don’t like my opinions or how I critique that’s fine.

  • Marcio Duris

    very rare see a 10/10 at last you don’t attack anybody in your review. interesting points i hope see more , may be more critical.
    but your replies aren’t bad.

  • Brandon

    This is why I don’t trust reviews. 10/10 is ridiculous and extreme. Perfect grades should be rare and special. I’ve seen people like yourself review in this hyperbole and it’s genuinely disgusting. Whether you personally feel that way or not…you’re an adult this review is inappropriate. Remember if a truly great movie comes out and you didn’t give it the same grade you’re going to get some pushback. Like if you give an 8/10 to something like “a star is born” hypothetically speaking.

    This “perfect rating” will be graded against other scores you’ve out out and judged…so if captain America winter soldier is 8 or 9/10 people will come and ask wtf?! Lol

    It’s you’re opinion but it’s extreme opinions that make critics look stupid especially if it’s not warranted. Giving an 8/10 or 9/10 accomplishes the exact same thing without you looking foolish or pandering.

    Do you boo…but don’t act like 10/10 isn’t ridiculous and know that when people see that they’re gonna have questions about how you score movies and if you’re just an over the top fanboy or fangirl who can’t help themselves from being overly biased.

    Lastly I love Iron man 2…I personally think it’s great but I’m an adult who sees the clear problems in that movie…I personally think it’s awesome but I would never give it 10/10 ….that’s ridiculous.

    Good luck and Godspeed…I wish you the best in life and I’m not a troll. This is just my opinion. Stay blessed.

    • Carla Renata

      My opinion and how I score is just that…MY OPINION. You don’t have to like it or agree and that is your right. But, coming over to MY SITE and calling what I decide to score on ROTTEN TOMATOES as “disgusting” “inappropriate” “foolish” “pandering” “ridiculous” “overly biased” “over the top fangirl” is mean spirited and insulting. I find it very interesting that all of these negative, personal attacks on my taste (including yours) have all come from men, which is why it is so incredibly important to have women screen and review films like this. We view things differently. I saw a story about badass women in a comic book flick with silly relevant throwbacks to the 90’s. I loved it…period.
      You say you are not a troll, but your comments would prove otherwise. Good luck and you stay blessed as well🙏🏽.

      • Carla Renata

        It’s ONE movie review. Get over it. How DARE you for coming to MY page and hurl insult after insult because you clearly have some issue and continue to make it personal. Get over yourself and go troll elsewhere

  • anik arfi

    Opinion should only account for so much when critiquing a film. You have everything right to believe a film is great but you still need to be objective. Every other review has pointed out flaws but you can’t find a single one? Nothing at all? Maybe film critic isn’t your forté

    • Carla Renata

      The key phrase in your comment “every other review” says a lot as you criticize me for being an individual that has a viewpoint that is not the norm. How dare you! Who are YOU to tell me HOW to critique a film? I respect your opinion and your right to express it, but in this moment we will agree to disagree concerning MY opinion and execution thereof. Thank you…NEXT🤨

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