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Black Dahlia Revisited through Fauna Hodel in TNT’S I AM THE NIGHT

If you are a native of Los Angeles and driven down Franklin Street, you have more than likely driven past the home of one of the city’s most famous, mysterious residents – George Hodel.  George Hodel was a high-profile physician, who is believed to have murdered in cold blood,  a young woman referred to as the Black Dahlia.

Imagine finding out that this man is your Grandfather?  That’s exactly what happened to Fauna Hodel.  Most of her life, Fauna believed she was of mixed race, until she discovers that is simply not true and her  millionaire Grandfather in California is George Hodel.

Based on a novel, written by Fauna Hodel, One Day She’ll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel, I AM THE NIGHT , helmed by Patty Jenkins, is riveting, bone-chilling and heart-stopping.  My eyes were glued to the screen with a knot in my stomach for the entire 6-part limited series that debuted on TNT January 28th.

The performances are simply to die for.  Girlfriends and Hart of Dixie alum Golden Brooks is giving a career best performance peeling back every single layer of this complicated character who has had nothing but disappointment,  until a chance meeing with the Hodels vowing to keep their secret.

Chris Pine, as a coked up paparazzi looking for his next big scoop is stunning.  Michelle Phillips being the devilishly eccentric Step-Mom is divine.  Sam Sheridan as George Hodel is “In Cold Blood” creepy and coupled with the innocent face, yet strong-willed grounded performance of India Eisley as Fauna Hodel.

Jenkins definitely invokes her inner Hitchcock on this one,  which works perfectly for the film-noir themed mini-series.  I was fortunate enough to see the entire limited series and simply could not stop watching or wondering what would happen to Fauna next.  If you are a fan of the Black Dahlia mystery, suspense, film-noir or killer thrillers and missed it, you can tune into TNT to catch up and be prepared to grab those snacks ahead of time.

Here is the schedule and check your local listing for the exact time in your area

Episode 1:  January 30th 11pm, February 1st 9pm, February 2nd 9pm

Episode 2:  February 4th 7pm

Episode 3:  February 11th 7pm 

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