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Are you a OG Ghostbuster Fan or a Newbie?

I don’t know about you, but I’m an OG Ghostbuster fan!!!  I remember seeing the film back in  the day and was scared to death.  Baby, when those lions on the NYC library steps turned into monsters…I was done!

Not to mention my beloved Stay Puff marshmallow dude taking people out on the streets of Manhattan!  However, I was a die-hard Saturday Night Live fan and this film came out at the height  of the show’s popularity starring Bill Murray, the late Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis.  It was ridiculously funny and every kid wanted to be a “ghostbuster”…including me and my little brother.

We were treated to a wonderful tour of the Sony Pictures lot, GhostCorps headquarters with Ghostbusters creator Ivan Reitman and a fantabulous lunch.  Our tour guide Maryann (hope I spelled her name correctly)  was absolutely amazing!!   Here are some highlights and inside scoop on it all!!!  Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when Sony Pictures invited me and a very impressive group of “mommy bloggers” to screen the Ghostbusters reboot at The Grove compete with 3d glasses and movie snacks!


Day 2 was the Ghostcorps tour with the film’s creator Ivan Reitman.  The original script was done with Reitman, Murray and Ramis when the film was unleashed to the masses on July 8, 1984.  Reitman shared that now having three kids and four grandchildren he realizes that Ghostbusters helped make the “scary “ghost issue” more reasonable for kids” because now “there were “busters” who could capture and retain the ghosts”.  These guys became role models and with the reboot release on July 15th, the role models have now become women with the casting of Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and bringing in screenwriter Katie Leopold for an extra special touch.


Ever wonder why there has never been a sequel to the original?  I wondered that too!!!  Ivan Reitman told us that he, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray have owned the rights to the franchise all these  years!  I know right!!  Clearly, there were and are some very smart cookies.  With the recent passing of Ramis, it forced the other two to think about what would happen to the franchise should they depart this realm.  It was mutually agreed that they would transfer the rights to Sony Pictures.

Thus, the set up and launch of GhostCorps on the Sony Lot.  Ghostcorps houses ALL things ghostbusters, including massive memorabilia from the 1984 version, but all the merchandising set to be released with this summer’s reboot.  Along every wall of the building are posters from all of Ivan Reitman’s films.  In the conference room, there is a gas case featuring patches from some of the 500 charity-based Ghostbuster groups around the world  Can you believe most them build their on Ecto Mobiles and have even requested the dimensions for the proton packs the “buster” wear to make their experience completely authentic.

GhostCorps Logo



After taking a group photo with Ivan, it was off to tour the Sony lot.  Did  you know that Sony Pictures is the home of one of the most iconic movies studios in film history?  I know…I didn’t know that either!  Sony Pictures was formerly name MGM Studios where my favorite film of all time was created…The Wizard of Oz.  Below is the rainbow from the original film that had to be included on the lot when Sony took over to commemorate that it was formerly MGM Studios.

Maryann took us to the Barbra Streisand Sound Stage, where I couldn’t resist busting out a little “I Will Always Love You” after being told that Whitney, Barbra and Judy sang on that very stage!  Hopefully, the good vibes will rub off!

There is folklore that the stage where the Wizard of Oz was filmed…Stage 15 is haunted by someone named Charlie.  Apparently, Charlie worked with MGM for years and just can’t tear himself away!  A very important bit of contract trivia involves the Wicked Witch of the West – Margaret Hamilton being burned when she is melted and was unable to be sent to the hospital due to the fact that she was not a MGM contract player.  I know!!!

After stalking Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison offices, we make our way over to the home of Wheel of Fortune on Stage 11.  Over 500 contestants are brought on to the show yearly to play “wheel”with former weatherman Pat Sajak and letter turner/model Vanna White.  That wheel, by the way, weighs 2400 pounds and has over 200 lights!  You better make sure you get our workout on before hitting that show…lol.

WOF Letter BoardStreisand Sound studio

We surely worked up an appetite and were treated to a nice lunch outside and then sent on our way to rest up for Day 3…the press conference.  Details to follow and thank you of the opportunity to share  a lifelong dream!

Check out the video I made when you get a moment.  It’s pretty funny…


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  • Steven (He Who is Critical of TV & Film)

    This was amazing to read! Sadly I’m not sure what to call myself. I’m old enough, that one would think or just assume that I’ve already seen the original film and its sequel, but I haven’t. And now, seeing as the remake opens tomorrow, I’m starting to become interested in, well, both. I’m hesitant about both, as the original is now so many decades old and the new film is a remake. Hopefully my two nephews aren’t just getting me excited for no reason. I guess we’ll see, as I have a feeling that by the end of the month, I’ll have seen all three films.

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