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2015 Los Angeles Film Festival Review: What Lola Wants


Whatever Lola Wants…Lola gets in this superbly filmed dramatic romantic thriller directed by Rupert Glasson.

Lola Franklin (Sophie Lowe) expertly plans her own kidnapping where she meets and falls in love with handsome pickpocket Marlowe(Beau Knapp). Everything seems perfect until the lovers rob a roadside store and cross paths with Marlowe’s psycho Mama (Dale Dickey).

What Lola Wants is giving you a little Quentin Tarrantino Western/Pulp Fiction vibe mixed with a sprinkle of modern day film-noir meets Bonnie & Clyde. It’s literally a thrill a minute from the first frame to the last!

The chemistry between Sophie Lowe and Beau Knapp is off the charts and hits full tilt during a very sexy shaving scene in the desert that is absolutely captivating.  No one plays skanky, crazy white-trash like Dale Dickey and she is in rare form with this performance.  Dickey makes your skin crawl every time she shows up on screen, which is a huge testament to her skills as one of the most sought after character actresses in Hollywood.


The twists, turns and plot reveals are brilliantly weaved to sustain the audience being sucked in for every moment of this cinematic carousel’s 81 minute running time.  It was like being on a roller-coaster ride you weren’t sure you ever wanted to be released from yet not sure if you want to stay strapped in. I absolutely adored every second and hope What Lola Wants has legs well past its premiere that happened at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival on June 12.

If you missed it, it will screen again on Wedsnesday, June 17th .  LA peeps…do yourselves a favor and log onto and grab some tix to check it out!!!  I promise…you will thank me for the suggestion…


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