Reconciling Personal Accounts of the Holocaust in Shalom Italia on PBS July 24th

Reconciling Personal Accounts of the Holocaust in Shalom Italia, Premiering Monday, July 24 on POVThree Italian Jewish brothers search for the cave where they hid from the Nazis Shalom Italia. CREDIT: TAMAR TAL ANATI On the run from Nazis, three Italian Jewish brothers spent months during their childhood hiding in a cave in the Tuscan countryside. Nearly 70…


 The Making of a Star—On YouTube—in ‘Presenting Princess Shaw,’ Hits PBS POV An unexpected pair reveals music’s cross-cultural impact Presenting Princess Shaw. CREDIT: IDO HAAR By day, Samantha Montgomery cares for the elderly in New Orleans. By night, she writes and sings her own songs as Princess Shaw on her confessional YouTube channel. Little does she…

Friends Face Down Syrian Regime in The War Show, Airing July 3, 2017 on POV

Friends Face Down Syrian Regime in The War Show, Airing July 3, 2017 on POV Film depicts ongoing destruction in strife-torn country The War Show. CREDIT: BOND/360 Syria’s Arab Spring, like other similar movements in the region, began with hope. In early 2011, autocratic governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa seemed to be…


Saw the book of Henry and my family was alarmed at my actual sobbing in the theater How many times do we watch an injustice happen to a compete stranger or even a next door neighbor and run a blind eye?  Better yet, what if a loved one passes on and has a final wish…


A few months ago, during a horrible rainstorm my GPS gave me shortcut that landed me in a park in the dark.  Feverishly driving to get out and get home safely, I was abruptly pulled over the “park police”.  As a resident of Los Angeles and with racial tensions at an all time high across…

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 – For Ahkeem

I am a native of St. Louis, Missouri.  The city I grew up in you could leave your car unlocked.  You could leave your front door open.  The whole neighborhood would be our babysitter and our disciplinarian when my Mom had to work or go to school. Holidays were spent with family driving all over…

United Shades of America

I became acutely aware of Bell when I stumbled upon his episode and interview with the Imperial Wizard of the KKK during his first season. I thought anyone brave and bold enough to have that conversation has my full and undivided attention.


Back in the day, a little film called “Fatal Attraction” had the male population petrified of having an affair. Really, would you want your psychotic side piece snatching your kid, cold calling your wife or come home to find the family pet boiling on the stove?

Unforgettable – Interviews with Dawson, Heigl and Cheryl Ladd

This was by far the most fun I have ever had at a press junket!!!  Why?  Girl Power Baby!  It was a room full of women discussing real issues like mental health, unrealistic expectations on women to be perfect, women’s intuition, the unconditional love of a mother and so much more. Kinda not the discussion…

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI 40th Anniversary Celebration

Moderated by Amy Ratcliffe (host of “Lattes with Leia” podcast), fans in attendance enjoyed a conversation about strong female characters central to the Star Wars universe and how they have inspired generations of fans; panelists included: Dave Filioni (executive producer Star Wars Rebels), Ashley Eckstein (“Ahsoka Tano”), Tiya Sircar (“Sabine Wren”) and surprise guest Daisy Ridley (“Rey”). The three actresses were surprised on stage with the reveal of their new Adventure Figures by Hasbro from the just-announced Star Wars Forces of Destiny. As part of the reveal, fans were treated to a sneak peek at the first animated Forces of Destiny short, which will launch on Disney YouTube in July 2017.


In celebration of Earth Day, DisneyNature releases “Born In China.” This remarkable documentary is narrated by John Krasinski and takes audiences on a breathtaking journey into the wilds of China.

TCM Classic Film Festival 2017: Make ‘Em Laugh – Comedy in Movies

Robert Osbourne was the heart and soul of Turner Classic Movies, so it was no surprise that the festival was dedicated in his honor. Osbourne, who passed away a month ago, hosted many of the shows seen on the Turner Classic Movie Channel along his colleague Ben Mankiewicz. It goes without saying that his presence was sorely missed, but Mankiewicz with much grace, elegance and respect picked up the torch to host the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.