Who Ya’ Gonna Call – GHOSTBUSTERS

Of course, anyone who has EVER read my blog in the past knows that I adore Melissa McCarthy!!!! She is a “comedy goddess” and can do no wrong in my book and along with there cohorts! Kudos to Amy Pascal for bringing some girl power to the producing team and I am totally looking forward to the sequel. “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!!!”

Life, Animated

The very time I became aware of autism, what it was and how it manifests was when I was in rehearsal for the 1st National tour of “The Who’s Tommy”.  You see the character of “Tommy” was a high functioning autistic child who becomes a rock star.  The creative team had professionals come in and…

Float Like A Butterfly – Sting Like A Bee – R.I.P Muhammad Ali

Back in St. Louis, Missouri, our house sat right in back of a drive-in movie theater.  We would hop over the fence, turn up the speakers that weren’t being used, grab some lawn chairs, popcorn, snacks, blankets and watch the movie with our whole block sitting on the lawn. One of the films I remember…

Are you ready to join the Rooftop Cinema Club

Remember back in the day when you we would go to a drive-in for the latest flick or maybe just a nostalgic look back with our favorite classic or cult film?

Drive-in’s are a thing of the past, but don’t fret! Many alternatives have popped up like iPic and the Rooftop Cinema Club.

Plot Twists and Surprises with the #EMPIREFINALE

Missed Empire…Don’t Worry…I Got Your Back  Click on the link above  It is not secret by now that I am a HUGE fan of Fox Tv’s Empire!!!  I love Taraji P. tension’s quick quips as Cookie Lyon, the ongoing love/hate relationship with Cookie and Lucious, the inner family turmoil between the sons, their parents and…


Thalente was one of more 9000 children living on the streets homeless in South Africa. He referred to the skate park as his Buddha Temple where he could be himself and hangout with his friends. Thalente somehow was able to bond and grow a relationship with Tammy Lee Smith (who he met at 7 years old). He said that they were able to bond because she made him feel like a person and not a street kid.


What’s up with that bear and Leo? Click here and find out http://bit.ly/23Fd2mt #therevenant #carlarenatascorner #oscars


Remember those famous words from #DebbieAllen about #FAME, well #highstrung is the next level of high school dance movies that will leave you breathless


CHELSEA DOES…Marriage, Silicon Valley, Drugs and Racism. Trust me – you are NOT ready, but you will absolutely love it

Reel Roundup week of March 11

Want to know what’s scorching up the silver screen this week? Check it all out at http://bit.ly/1p6OkMv