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On Thanksgiving Day, I volunteered with a group of girlfriends at a shelter in Los Angeles and surprisingly ran into Dick Van Dyke!  I couldn’t  my eyes!!  I immediately transformed into this little girl seeing one of my childhood memories in the flesh.  It was like I went back to the first time Mommy took me to a movie theater to see what…a movie with Dick Van Dyke (almost positive it was “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, but it very well may have been “Mary Poppins”).  At any rate, I also remember how obsessed I was with Mary Poppins.  I had “Mary Poppins “paper dolls, lunchbox…you name it I had it and knew every song by heart…still do.

So, when I heard over this summer a film had been produced about my beloved “Mary Poppins”…I knew I had to be there!!!  I don’t regret it and neither will you.

SAVING MR. BANKS walks us through the back story of how “Mary Poppins”went from a hit children’s novel by P.L. Travers to the beloved film produced by Walt Disney.  Turns out this was not an easy task, as Mrs. Travers was a tough cookie and not willing to part with her beloved  “Mary Poppins” whom she considered to be “family”.  Along the journey we become privy to details of Mrs. Travers and Mr. Disney that almost resulted in the film never being made.  Luckily for us it did and many generations since have been able to enjoy this heartwarming classic about love, forgiveness and faith.  I found myself singing along  the same way I did as a child and my emotions were touched once again as an adult.

SAVING MR BANKS epitomizes the holiday spirit and is a perfect film for the whole family to watch, which nowadays is rare.  SAVING MR BANKS opens on Christmas Day.

Click HERE for Saving Mr. Banks Trailer


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