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Gloria Allred is on Fire in Sundance Doc Seeing Allred

As an audience member at the Dinah! show, a baby-faced liberal feminist stands up in response to a question and proclaims “…we have a uterus and a brain and both of them work.”  That feminist was Gloria Allred and she is still delivering the message that women are doing it for themselves.  Kind – Inclusive – Bossy – Best Friend are just a few of the adjectives used to describe this powerhouse legal eagle in the Sundance documentary Seeing Allred.

Why is Gloria Allred so outspoken, brash and in your face regarding the rights of women?  It’s simple.  Allred had her rights as a women abused and made a vow that if she could make a difference for not another woman to being shamed, verbally abused, misrepresented or disrespected…it would be her life’s work and pleasure to accommodate.  She believes in “pushing the law to the limits the same way you do with your advocacy.”

Unlike the woman we have come to know, Gloria Allred was once a young, idealistic girl who married at 19 years old, was a mother at 20, dealt with a bi-polar husband who took his own life, navigated life as a single mother and dealt with a snarky nurse after being raped by a colleague and decided to terminate the pregnancy “…this will teach you a lesson.”  She has seen and endured the unimaginable and yet she still believes “Failure is impossible.”

Feared, yet revered by some of our top journalists like CNN’s Don Lemon and often confused for Senator Barbara Boxer, Gloria Allred is a woman who puts money and energy where her mouth is!

In a time where #MeToo and #TimesUp are picking up the torch and blazing the women’s movement across all lanes, wouldn’t it be great to finally see a woman inhabit the White House in 2020 – 100 years after the Suffrage Movement?  I think so!!!

After watching Allred speak at the Q&A, I was ready to fun for a political office myself…LOL.  Don’t fret!  You will be able to catch this inspiring doc on Netflix in February!

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