Hollywood Bombshell Hedy Lamarr was Brainy Inventor and Single Mother

One of my favorite movies to come on television when I was a kid was an old film by Don Knotts called “The Incredible Mr. Limpet.” Knots fall into water turning into a fish and becoming a secret weapon during wartime saving hundreds of lives with his throttle. The satellite signal used to communicate with…

Sammy Davis, Jr. : I Gotta Be Me is the Ultimate Tribute to the Ultimate Entertainer

Sammy Davis, Jr. was the ultimate entertainer.  He could sing.  He could dance.  He could do a killer celebrity impersonation.  He could act.  He was a member of the Rat Pack.  And…he bridged the racial gap of entertainment like no other.  There will never be another.

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is a Cinematically Stunning

My love of movies ranges across many genres.  But, I  am a plain old sucker for a love story and that is exactly what director Guillermo del Toro is giving us its his latest cinematic masterpiece The Shape of Water. Taking place in 1952, the attention to detail with this film is quite impressive.  It’s…

AFI FILM FEST 2017: I, Tonya

  In 1991, Tonya Harding was on top of the world!  Holding titles as the 1991 U.S. Women’s Figure Skating Champion and 1991 World Championship Silver medallist. Harding was also a two-time Olympian and a two-time Skate America Champion.  Her achievements in the Women’s Figure Skating history books would simultaneously disappear over one incident in 1994….

AFI FILM FESTIVAL 2017: Noel Wells Moves Center Stage with Mr. Roosevelt

    Everyone has had a pet that they love like family.  Some of us have even had marriages and relationships where a pet was shared.  But, what happens when the honeymoon is over and the couple has to decide who gets to keep the furry four-legged best friend.  Is the doggy parent who bounces…

AFI FILM FEST 2017: Annette Benning is Superb as Gloria Grahame in Film Stars Don’t Die I Liverpool

If you have ever seen It’s A Wonderful Life, then you have seen and are familiar with Gloria Grahame.  Grahame was the femme fatale in many a classic Hollywood Film Noir who always played the chick from the wrong side of the tracks.  Think of her as the unpolished,  white trash version of Marilyn Monroe….


In a world where gender equality remains a critical issue, this controversial film, doesn’t set out to challenge the Catholic Church doctrine, but asks a very modern question… Should women be allowed into seminaries to study for the priesthood? “Created Equal is a film that gives you a voyeur experience into the stained glass ceiling…