FLOYD NORMAN:  An Animated Life

What do Soul Train, Sleeping Beauty, Fat Albert, Sesame Street, Pixar and Disney Animation have in common?  Classic and Ground-Breaking Animator – Floyd Norman.  There isn’t a cartoon or animation project you have seen within the last twenty years that has not had the touch of Floyd Norman added to it. Growing up in Santa…


We don’t know the heartbreak of never having a lifetime love. We don’t know how isolating and lonely it is to be a strong, intelligent, independent black woman. We don’t know what it is to balance love for a parent, even when that parent treats you as if you have rocks for a brain. These are the Maya Angelou private images that we would never know…until now.


As a person of color, I have lived to see myself referred to as Colored, Black, African-American and Negro. Do you know why we were called Negro?  Then let me hip you to some little known facts… Negro was the terminology most often used to describe us during the 18th century until it fell out…

Sundance Film Festival – An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have three things in common.  They both ran for POTUS.  They both won the popular vote.  They both had issues surrounding voter hacking.  We don’t know just yet what the future holds for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Al Gore on the other hand, retired from politics very much…

Bright Lights: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

As many people have seen in numerous posts over the years, I unequivocably love my mother.  She’s my sheroe.  She taught me that it was never too late in life to accomplish ANYTHING.  She is one of the bravest women I know, loves me unconditionally and sometimes behaves as if she doesn’t want to ever…

The Curvy Critic’s Best of 2016 – Flicks, Docs and Animated

Wow…I don’t know about you, but this year literally didn’t pick up film wise for me until a few months ago.  Hidden Figures and Loving taught us several history lessons about how racist the State of Virginia could be, unlawful interracial love and groundbreaking women at NASA. Women kicked serious butt in 2016 and diversity…

Is This Awards Season Predictable? Will Rogue One Slay the Box Office?

Last, but certainly not least are the Golden Globe nods. Although a few big names earned awards buzz leading up to the noms, they won’t have a shot at the prestigious award. A few lesser known films, television shows (This is Us) and actors, however, pulled some off unexpected nods.

Miss Sharon Jones

If Sharon Jones thought fighting the ignorance of the music industry toward her looks and talent was tough, she had no idea how hard the struggle toward battling the Big ‘C” would become. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013, Jones went under extensive treatment and triumphantly returned to the stage with her beloved band The Dap Kings in 2015 allowing Barbara Kopple to document every last drop.

OJ: Made In America

The day O.J. Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide, I was in Harlem watching the trial with millions around the world.  When the verdict of “not guilty” on all counts was announced, I could hear a wave of cheers pass my brownstone and reverberate throughout my apartment. However, when I arrived at work that…

Breaking News! Moonlight Eclipses Competition for 2017 Spirit Award Noms

A24 is on a hot streak leading the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Nominations with as many as 18 noms split between American Honey, Moonlight, 20th Century Women, Swiss Army Men and The Witch. Among those films leading with noms, Moonlight counts six (including a Robert Altman award), American Honey also six, Amazon’s Manchester By The Sea boasts five with Fox Searchlight’s Jackie counting four. #independent film