The Final Year Shares Insider View of a Presidential Transition

Barack Obama made history as the first person of color to become President of the United States…twice.  It goes without saying that in these dark days we are dwelling in, longing for the days when I turned on the news and saw POTUS singing some Al Green, dancing with his Queen Michelle,  joking around with Jimmy Kimmel or giving a speech that ALL Americans could be proud of would be an understatement.

Tell Them We Are Rising is a Love Letter to HBCU’s on PBS

Being a graduate of “The Mecca” Howard  University,  you know I had to check out  the Stanley Nelson directed Tell Them We Are Risingculminating the rise and (in some instances) the fall of Historical Black Colleges and Universities such as  Howard University, Hampton Institute,Morgan, Morehouse, Spellman, Fisk and so many other Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

Joan Jett Has Earned Her Bad Reputation in Rock ‘N’ Roll

What do you do when your parents buy you a guitar from Sears at 13 years-old?  You start a rock band, become one of the few women to make rock ‘n’ roll history and are named Joan Jett!!! With a look infused from a love of Liza Minnelli from ‘Cabaret’, Hollywood and rock n’ roll,…

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

A few years ago, I attended a live-taping of “The Odd Couple” in which the creator Gary Marshall loved to interact with the audience during taping breaks.  He shared tale after tale of all the now famous people he discovered from Julia Roberts to Henry Winkler to Robin Williams.  Williams had just passed a few…

King in The Wilderness Explores Martin Luther King’s Final Years

As a young girl in St. Louis,  when I realized my school didn’t recognize Dr. King’s Birthday as a National Holiday, I was livid. Livid enough to convince all of my classmates of color to stay home in protest. While my Mom admired my activism, when she found out it was not a good thing…

I Called Him Morgan Remembers Jazz Great Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan was the toast of the jazz community and revered by his colleagues by being named trumpet player with Dizzy Gillespie at the tender age of 18.  However,  on a snowy night in February 1972, Lee Morgan was shot dead by his common-law wife, Helen, during a gig at a club in New York…

Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart

Lorraine Hansberry:  Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart will open your mind and your heart to one of America’s most beloved playwrights who has inspired generations with her play, “A Raisin in The Sun”, but the woman behind those words was a well-rounded human being with a wealth of knowledge, heart and activism.

Hollywood Bombshell Hedy Lamarr was Brainy Inventor and Single Mother

One of my favorite movies to come on television when I was a kid was an old film by Don Knotts called “The Incredible Mr. Limpet.” Knots fall into water turning into a fish and becoming a secret weapon during wartime saving hundreds of lives with his throttle. The satellite signal used to communicate with…

Sammy Davis, Jr. : I Gotta Be Me is the Ultimate Tribute to the Ultimate Entertainer

Sammy Davis, Jr. was the ultimate entertainer.  He could sing.  He could dance.  He could do a killer celebrity impersonation.  He could act.  He was a member of the Rat Pack.  And…he bridged the racial gap of entertainment like no other.  There will never be another.

Barbra Streisand is one of a kind and a national Treasure

‪From the moment I watched riveted in a movie theatre, her holding that last note of Don’t Rain on My Parade in Funny Girl, I knew I was watching history. There will never be another like the incomparable Barbra Streisand‬

Why ALL Politicians Scream GET ME ROGER STONE

Just yesterday, I was sitting at a light and what seemed to be a off-kilter middle-aged white man veered out of the crosswalk lane heading straight toward my car window.  We locked eyes. It was immediately clear this man hated me for my color and was about to do something unsavory.  I rolled up my…

LOGAN LUCKY FILM REVIEW with The Curvy Film Critic

  Daniel Day-Lewis announced a few weeks back he was retiring from acting and a few years back acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh announced his retirement from Hollywood.  Well, guess what?  Soderbergh came out of retirement just for Channing Tatum to bring us Logan Lucky – a hillbilly, red-neck version of the Ocean's 11 franchise. Very reminiscent…