When a paradise proposal turns into a nightmare, Mitch Rapp sets out for revenge.  American Assassin is a perfect example of how military opps are capable of creating monsters and domestic terrorists.  Just when you think you are safe in your own backyard and the comforts of everyday life are challenged, does one realize looking over your shoulder becomes a bit more common.

Based on the mega-bestselling book series by the late Vince Flynn, American Assassin introduces film audiences to one of contemporary fiction’s most popular hero working in the shadows:  CIA super-agent Mitch Rapp.  Dylan O’Brien, who portrays Rapp is putting the Bourne franchise and Matt Damon to shame as he ascends into an action star for this millennia.

The action/fight sequences are EVERYTHING!!!  Especially those torture scenes!! Everything you love about Michel Keaton is large and in charge with his characterization  of CIA meant Stan Hurley.

Shiva Negar (Annika) was mesmerizing and I especially loved the fact that she was kicking butt and taking names in heels!  That’s my kind of female vigilante.

Sanaa Nathan seems to be on a new trajectory of playing badass cops, which is a far cry from her roles in Love & Basketball, The Perfect Guy and The Best Man Franchise.  As Irene Kennedy, she is the heart and soul of the film who is not only Rapp’s mentor, but his guardian angel.  I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Sanaa Nathan about her role…take a listen…

Interview with American Assassin Star Sanaa Nathan

American Assassin is one of the best spy films I have seen in quite some time.  It will stop your heart, have you holding your breath and dropping you jaw!  Don’t sleep on those first ten minutes because it will seriously  were you out…in a great cinematic way.

American Assassin opens this weekend on September 15th.

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