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Have you ever seen a coming of age story that emulates Brokeback Mountain in the hood?  Well, that is exactly what the film MOONLIGHT is giving us.

MOONLIGHT absolutely glows while sharing the dysfunctional home life of “Little” in the Miami “War on Drugs” era and his struggle to figure out who he is and what his place is to be as adult in this conflicted world he exists in.

Alex R. Hibbert is exceptionally complex as Little and physically is very reminiscent of a young 50 cent.  However, the other actors that portray “Little” are all so riveting that no matter what scene you are watching, one is riveted by their performances.

moonlight_alex hibbert

Mahershala Ali is having one hell of a year!  Right off of his Recurring role in the Netflix hit, House of Cards, Ali has several features that have been released this year including Free State of Jones with Matthew McConaughey, the indie darling Kicks and now as crack dealer Juan. Ali has truly cornered the market on the bad guy, but in Moonlight he shows that even bad guys have a heart.  His scenes teaching “Little” to swim will warm and break your heart all at once.


In her film debut,  recording artist turned actress Janelle Monae appears very comfortable in front of the lens.  Along with her performance in Hidden Figures,  she is having a very stellar year in film as well.  Hidden Figures just won SAG and NAACP Awards for Best Picture mostly due to the performances of Monae and her co-stars Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson.


Andre’ Holland as Little’s best friend from childhood, Kevin is sexy…period.  Holland gives Kevin just the right amount of vulnerability to match Hibbert in some very  touching scenes.  We learn that even the men who pretend to be the hardest dudes out there need love and a gentle touch every once in a while.  Holland can be found these days onstage in the August Wilson revival of “Jitney”.


The one person who your mind can’t forget after leaving the theatre is Naomie Harris.  As Little’s crack-addicted Mom, Paula, you just want to reach up to the screen and shake some sense into her.  What mother loves that rock more than her own flesh and blood?  One of her most prolific scenes is while she is in rehab expressing her remorse for his upbringing while begging him to get off the streets.  Absolutely…heartbreaking.


Moonlight has turned into an awards seasons darling, already garnering mutiple wins for director Barry Jenkins adn Mahershala Ali!  Wanna know what Casting Director Yesi Ramirez had to say about casting Bond Girl Naomie Harris as a crack addicted mother or why Cinematographer James Laxton was passionate about shooting in technicolor?  Take a listen to the interviews below…

Interview with Casting Director Yesi Ramirez


Interview with Cinematographer James Laxton

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  1. drewkiercey says:

    YAAAS? Isn’t it beautiful? The fifteen year old Chiron just took this film to another level for me. The way he moves, the way he talks, he just yearns for company. And Naomie Harris in that scene where she locks herself out and attacks her son for money? Oscar worthy! This film makes me feel things I still can’t fully explain…


    1. Carla Renata says:

      We got our wish! It got nominated for multiple Oscars this morning

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