Los Angeles Film Festival 2016: : Lupe Under The Sun


During a time when discussions about immigration are so toxic and negative, it was refreshing to see a film that celebrates these hard-working individuals and gives us a peek into their very honest struggle to make ends meet.  Beautifully shot, incredibly authentic and sincere, LUPE captures the simple poetry of immigrant life in a way that has never been seen before.

Rodrigo Reyes is a Mexican-American filmmaker who shot Lupe Under The Sun as an homage to his grandparents, who worked for decades in the fields in order to give his family a better life.


I was incredibly moved by this  first-of-its-kind drama that uses real farm workers living in the heart of California, to dramatize the story of an aging peach picker who wants to go back to his home in Mexico before he dies.

Lupe has an immense number of struggles.  Struggle with his weight, his relationship, housing, money and work on a consistent basis.  Unfortunately, his struggle is not uncommon as many Americans experience this same plight for a variety of reasons.  Reyes has told this story with much dignity and respect and it was a pleasure to watch.

Real farm workers, real stories.

click here for sneak peek

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